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been taking the company in a new stra-
tegic direction since he took on the CEO
position, Calibaba said, which includes re-
branding the company under the ATS Traf-
fic umbrella.
MORE THAN 15,000
The company has three primary services,
he explained. Along with manufacturing
traffic signs out of three plants, they spe-
cialize in the resale of traffic products —
the company sells over 15,000 items —
and also provide on-street services where
traffic technicians deliver traffic control
equipment, set up construction zones and
even stay on site if needed. The latter ser-
vice is provided 24 hours a day, seven days
a week in the event of emergencies like
watermain breaks or spills. The business
is a steady one, less affected by the re-
cent economic downturn than other com-
panies across Canada since provincial and
federal governments continue to invest in
infrastructure and construction carries out
in many communities.
The ongoing efforts of ATS were recog-
nized earlier this year when the company
was named to the prestigious Canada’s
Best Managed Companies list for 2015.
A first-time entrant, ATS joined the roster
of accomplished businesses on their first
APRIL 2016
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