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fic control services, from planning to ex-
ecution, since its launch in 1966.
Jeff Calibaba was a consultant for the com-
pany for three-and-half years and then took
on the role of COO in January 2015. While
they do have one sales representative in
Ontario, the bulk of the company’s busi-
ness happens in Alberta, British Columbia,
Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Founded in
Edmonton 50 years ago by Lorne Hoop-
er, the family-run, privately-held business
now has Lorne’s son, Laine, at the helm
as CEO and supports a staff ranging from
275 to 300 with numbers at their peak
during the construction season. Laine has
“We were surprised that we were able to win that at our first go-round.”
Jeff Calibaba, Chief Operating Officer
business elite canada
APRIL 2016
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