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to not-so-conventional sectors. The film
industry is one example. The latest Ja-
son Bourne movie used machines from
Manulift while filming in Toronto. Manulift
has been involved in other similar projects
outside its traditional scope, like the Quan-
tum of Solace filming, Quebec City’s Hotel
de Glace and Red Bull Crashed Ice, which
hosts the ice cross downhill world cham-
“People who need fast-paced machines
and fast deployment on-site, they know
that our technology and our company are
good at being highly efficient and produc-
tive. That’s why we are renowned on job
sites in construction and mining. It gets to
an extent where people know that and the
film industry is calling us,” Drolet said.
As a 100 percent Canadian-owned com-
pany that is not publicly traded, Manulift’s
challenges centre on awareness. Today,
Merlo is the go-to product if Canadian
companies need a telehandler, but adopt-
ing the Merlo brand was a big challenge
initially because it was unknown in Cana-
Establishing the Merlo name in Canada
put the company in a tricky spot. “We
knew that this technology would put cus-
tomers in a more profitable and productive
situation,” Drolet said. “When you believe
in something, you have to convince the
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