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APRIL 2014
er, he studied Engineering at the University of
Western Ontario and became a structural en-
gineer. He started his own business “for the
love of structures.”
The conception of the firm unknowingly be-
gan on a golf course, after the duo were laid
off from a consulting firm in London, and fore-
shadowed the business market to be unstable
due to the recession at the time. They made
the decision to go into business for themselves
and opened the doors to their humble opera-
tion in March of 1994. “It was a tough struggle
for the first few years, but we stuck with it,”
says Rick. Now some twenty years later the
firm continues to grow. “I always had a good
feeling about this company. I just could not
see this company failing. I don’t know if it was
a positive attitude or stubbornness, but we
made it happen.”
They feel that behind the scene they are revo-
lutionizing the profession through the use of
multi-faceted technologies that allow for effi-
ciency in performance and success upon com-
pletion. Their staff is comprised of all engineers
that have either a degree in engineering or are
licensed Professional Engineers -- something
Brescia Residence East Elevation - Cornerstone Architecture with Perkins + Will
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