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APRIL 2014
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By: Mudeeha Yousaf
ehind Behind every structure lies engi-
neers and architects that work tirelessly
to ensure that their buildings are stable
and protect the public. VanBoxmeer & Strang-
es (VB&S) provide their structural engineering
services to architects, owners and institutions
both nationally and internationally. The firm
excels in providing top of the line, economi-
cally viable structural engineering solutions.
Originating in London, Ontario in 1994, VB&S
quickly picked up business and expanded its
operations to include offices in Niagara Falls
and Toronto. Rick Stranges, Vice President
and Co-founder, has vast experience within
the construction, administration and consult-
ing field. Together with partner and President
Gary VanBoxmeer, he grew his vision of own-
ing his own structural engineering company.
“When I was in grade ten I saw a poster up on
the wall for McMaster University Engineering.
I thought ‘that sounds interesting.’ I had the
desire to learn about structures and wondered
how building’s stood up,” Rick says. Finding his
inspiration from Niagara Falls’ Skylon Tower,
situated in Rick’s hometown, and the CN Tow-
Carpenters Union West Elevation Night - Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson
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