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A World of Innovation By Anna Guy Regardless of size, employing the right platform for the proper service is a fine balance; Embracing new tools can elevate the services companies provide exponentially, but understanding which tool, and how to use them, is a major challenge. Companies such as Air Canada have relied on NOVIPRO [...]

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In Person: Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph

Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph took the stage at the Four Seasons Toronto on June 5th for Audi’s Innovation Series Audi Speaks where for half an hour, the audience was privy to a once-in-a-lifetime conversation led by Dwight Drummond about what it’s like to create a once-in-a-lifetime company like Netflix. Originally formed in 1997 in [...]

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Xtended Hydraulic & Machine

Firing On All Cylinders   By Anna Guy What started off as a hydraulics and machine company has become a force for Indigenous employment in Saskatchewan, and it’s only getting started. Robert and Katherine Tebb are owners and operators of Xtended Hydraulic & Machine Inc., a full-service machine shop specializing in hydraulic cylinder repair [...]

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LN Land Development Technologies

  Alberta's Go-To Surveying Team   By Anna Guy With a complete range of surveying services in the residential, commercial, industrial, government and energy sectors, no matter what your project needs, LN gets the job done right. If we were to list the complete services of LN Land Development Technologies Inc. (LN), it would [...]

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QHLI Research Centre

  Research Today For Advancements Tomorrow   By Anna Guy “Discovery, to prevent, to cure, through creating, sharing and applying knowledge for the benefit of the population and people with cardiovascular, respiratory and obesity-related diseases”. Cardiology, respirology and obesity-related diseases effect hundreds of thousands of Canadians. Thanks to the men and women at the [...]

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Lineman’s Testing Laboratories of Canada

By Anna Guy This year, Lineman’s Testing Laboratories of Canada (“LTL”) celebrates 60 years of delivering quality products and reliable services to its 7,000 customers in the power utility, industrial and commercial sectors across Canada. For LTL, safety is all encompassing, Over the last six decades, LTL has solidified its reputation in the industry [...]

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KIKO Water System

  Reducing Energy Costs Has Never Been Easier   By Anna Guy When the property management team at Vancouver’s 789 Pender Street (owned by Triovest Realty Advisors) were looking to reduce the energy consumption, and bill, on its property, they didn’t realize the solution would be found locally in Vancouver—they didn’t dream it could [...]

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By Anna Guy Through the 1960s to today, High Voltage Specialist, PowerTel, has forged the way in EPC Electrical Contracting—to date, PowerTel has constructed 1000’s of kilometers of powerlines in Canada and the United States for utilities, First Nations communities, mines, industrial facilities, and private installations. PowerTel was originally the dream of Clary Gatien, [...]

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Enbridge – Line 3 Replacement Program (Canada)

By Anna Guy The largest project in Enbridge history, the L3RP will maintain the highest safety and environmental standards, reduce future maintenance activities and ensure the reliable supply of western Canadian crude oil to the Chicago, U.S. Gulf Coast, eastern U.S. and Canadian refinery markets. In early August of this year, Alberta Premier Rachel [...]

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The Sky Is The Limit   LGT is an incubator for experience, knowledge, and success—just one of the many ways LGT is impacting the Quebec Engineering community. Soon, it sets it sights on the rest of the country. LGT is an award-winning consulting engineering firm specialized and dedicated to the building industry whose influence [...]

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