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Bluebird Self-Storage

Bluebird Self-Storage comes to Southern Ontario Bluebird Self-Storage is expanding into Southern Ontario, bringing much needed self-storage services into the GTA’s underserved market. With over 44 per cent of Torontonians living in some form of an apartment, and that number set to increase in the coming years (Statistics Canada Census 2016), self-storage is a [...]

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Groupe Focus

  Work Environment Specialists   For Groupe Focus, the work environment is the 7th man on the ice. The Quebec-based company is changing the way companies use their offices to facilitate and present their core competencies. Through work environment and office furniture solutions, Groupe Focus creates motivating, inspiring, collegial, productive work offices for Canada’s [...]

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Winnipeg Airport Services Corp. (WASCO)

  Creating Safety Culture in Canada's Northern Airports By Anna Guy To those who frequent airports in Canada’s north, it comes at no surprise that geography, climate, isolation, and limited infrastructure funding combines to create extreme operational conditions. And those who live in these northern and remote communities know better than anyone how critical [...]

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Group Contract Services (GCS)

  Access to Expertise   By Anna Guy Having established an outstanding record of leading operations for oil and gas, wood forest product, mining, OSB, commercial and heavy industrial oil construction, Jeff Houghton is taking on his latest venture. Jeff Houghton is no stranger to success. The first company he started, Norweld Mechanical Installations [...]

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LN Land Development Technologies

  Alberta's Go-To Surveying Team   By Anna Guy With a complete range of surveying services in the residential, commercial, industrial, government and energy sectors, no matter what your project needs, LN gets the job done right. If we were to list the complete services of LN Land Development Technologies Inc. (LN), it would [...]

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Total Tank Service for Above Ground Storage Tanks   By Anna Guy Industry leaders in above ground oil tank construction, repair and maintenance, and experts in project management, Prolium offers a full range of high-quality, safety-focused above ground storage tank services across Canada. Repair, Design, Drafting, Management, Skilled Labour, Fabrication: Whatever your storage tank [...]

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Robertson Martin Architects

  A LASTING LEGACY   By Anna Guy Part of an architect’s job is distilling clients’ visions into a living, breathing space. To be able to manifest a place for communal experience is perhaps even more challenging than creating the brick and mortar aspect. Of any public meeting space, there is none as sensitive [...]

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