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Stoney Compressed Natural Gas Bus Storage and Transit Facility

Calgary's Historic New P3 Project By Anna Guy It was an important day for not only Calgary, but all of Canada: on March 12, 2019, North America’s largest indoor Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) bus facility officially opened. The City of Calgary’s Stoney Compressed Natural Gas Bus Storage and Transit Facility—a $174 million, 44,300-square-metre facility [...]

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West Block Rehabilitation Project Update

Parliament Hill’s West Block will be restored to its 19th Century splendour—but with 21st Century engineering and design. The final touches are being done to the massive, $863 million rehabilitation project on Parliament Hill’s monumental West Block. If you had stood in front of the historic 19th Century building in late January, 2019, you’d [...]

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Graham Construction

Graham- Metrotown Station and ExchangeUpgrade project For nearly a century, Graham Construction has contributed to the construction industry’s biggest and most innovative projects—in fact, the company’s inaugural project was no less than building railway stations for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today, Graham is a multi-billion dollar company with a roster of industrial, building, and [...]

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Department of National Defence – Esquimalt Harbour Project

Esquimalt Harbour Projects   The Royal Canadian Navy is getting a new parking spot worthy of a first-class modern navy. On the southern tip of Vancouver Island, the Canadian Pacific Fleet finds its home. The naturally deep and well protected harbour has been a continually important military site since the mid 19th century and [...]

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Mohawk College Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation

  Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation   In a precedent-setting commitment to experiential learning and environmental leadership, Mohawk College’s Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation will be the largest net-zero building in Canada. Located at the college’s Fennell campus in Hamilton, Ontario, the Joyce Centre’s finishing sign went up on June 12, and [...]

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Suncor – Fort Hills Oilsands Project

On April 6, 2018, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau and Suncor CEO Steve Williams toured the Suncor Fort Hills facility near Fort McMurray. Located in the Athabasca region, Fort Hills is recognized as one of the best oil sands mining assets in the region. To the crowd at Fort Hills, Trudeau said, “I am happy [...]

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Souls Harbour Rescue Mission: Samaritan Project

By Anna Guy Since 1990, Souls Harbour Rescue Mission (previously Souls Harbour Mission House and Regina Rescue Mission) has provided a safe space and a nice meal for those in need. Original founder Gerri Carroll’s incredible self-reliance enabled her to help up to 60 people a day from her own basement. In 1999, another [...]

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New Central Library – Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

  Learn, Read, Play, Relax   By Anna Guy “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” – Albert Einstein Calgarians will soon have a library worthy of one of North America’s greatest cities. The New Central Library (NCL), located in Calgary’s East Village, is 240,000-square-feet of [...]

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Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project

Engineering and Community   By Anna Guy A new iconic structure and destination within Victoria’s Inner Harbour. It’s not every infrastructure project that gets the public to come out in the thousands to celebrate. But the March 31, 2018 official opening of the new Johnson Street Bridge in Victoria, BC, drew over 15,000 community [...]

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Electrical Contractors Association Ontario (ECAO)

Stronger Than Ever   By Anna Guy Over its lengthy history, ECAO has been committed to addressing the needs of the industry by providing a variety of services directly to the membership, and by making representations on behalf of the entire industry to government and industry colleagues. Its success has been due to the [...]

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