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EDITOR’S LETTER Dear Business Elite Canada Readers, We are proud to welcome you to the latest issue of Business Elite Canada, where we continue our journey through the ever-evolving landscape of Canadian business excellence. In this issue, we showcase a diverse array of stories and interviews that reflect the resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination that define Canadian entrepreneurs and companies. Our mission is to bring you the stories champion the achievements of businesses across the nation. As we delve into the pages of this edition, you’ll find a spotlight on some remarkable companies and individuals who shape the Canadian business landscape. From industries spanning technology to healthcare, we explore the stories of leaders who’ve transformed challenges into opportunities. More and more frequently, we see companies who focus on the critical role of sustainability and social responsibility in modern business. Our team has had the privilege of listening to many leaders of Canadian business. You’ll find interviews with CEOs, founders, and First Nations who provide valuable insights, trends, and strategies that can help your own business thrive in this dynamic environment. The BEC Team 3 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

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BC Hydro’s Site C project—its third dam and hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River in northeast British Columbia— will generate enough energy to power about 450,000 homes or 1.7 million electric vehicles per year when it comes on-line in 2025. The Peace River already has two large hydroelectric facilities (W.A.C. Bennett Dam and Peace Canyon Dam) that rely primarily on the Williston Reservoir for water storage. As the third project on the Peace River, Site C will rely on water already stored in the Williston Reservoir. This means that Site C will 7 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

generate about 35 per cent of the energy produced at W.A.C. Bennett Dam, with only five per cent of the reservoir area. Construction on Site C began in July, 2015. The project is about 80 per cent complete and remains on-track to have all six generating units in-service by 2025, Greg Alexis, Manager of Public Affairs & Community Relations, Site C, tells Business Elite Canada. “In July, 2023, we announced the completion of the earthfill dam,” says Alexis. “The earthfill dam stands about 60 metres tall (the height of a 20-storey building), stretches more than one kilometre across the Peace River and is about 500 metres wide at its base. In total, about 16 million cubic metres of earthfill material was placed, enough to fill the Great Pyramid of Giza six times.” The completion of the earthfill dam is one of the essential milestones required before BC Hydro can begin filling the Site C reservoir. “While we are aiming to begin filling the reservoir later this fall, there are still a number of key areas that need to be completed first: approach channel, spillways, tailrace The dam at its completed height. 22 storeys high or 60 metres above bedrock. 8 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

area, dam intake structures and certain components of the powerhouse,” says Alexis. Filling the reservoir is one of the last steps in building Site C, as it allows the generating station, spillways, turbines and generators to be put into operation. The reservoir will be more than 80 kilometres long and cover 5,550 hectares of land, with a total surface area of about 9,330 hectares. It will take about four months to fill the Site C reservoir. Once the Site C project is complete in 2025, it will provide British Columbia with 1,100 megawatts of firm capacity and produce about 5,100 gigawatt hours of clean electricity each year. Downstream view of the approach channel where water flows from the re TAKING ACTION FOR CLIENTS AND CONTRACTORS! CMAW Canada was established in 2004 when the BC Carpenters Union separated from their American parent to better represent their local members. It is currently the fastest-growing Construction Labour union in Canada, with a growing membership that includes scaffolders, electricians, carpenters, pipefitters, welders, and professionals from various other trades. The commitment to self-determination is evident in how CMAW collaborates with clients and contractors, ensuring that they form strong partnerships with one another and with other industry stakeholders. CMAW’s top priority is to guarantee that your projects consistently employ the best-trained, most skilled, and safest workforces in Canada, day in and day out. CMAW’s dispatch system is state-of-the-art, capable of swiftly and efficiently mobilizing workers to your projects, giving you the competitive advantage necessary to ensure that your projects are completed on time and within budget. CMAW boasts one of the deepest and most extensive labour pools in the industry. Whether you require scaffolders, carpenters, pipefitters, welders, electricians, or labourers, CMAW can provide them to you more rapidly and accurately than any other industry entity. Considering that the industry currently faces a significant labour shortage that is expected to persist for years, why not tap into a labour pool that you might not have been aware of? By establishing a partnership with CMAW, you can gain a competitive edge and ensure that you outperform the competition and successfully deliver your projects. 10 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

REEL COH Proud Supplier of the Powerhouse, Intake & Tailrace Gantry Cranes for the BC Hydro Site C Clean Energy Project 800 363-6501 450 430-6500 ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001:2015 Penstock units 6 through to one eservoir into the intakes. 11 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


Turbine unit 1 – inside the nearly completed turbine pit The Halfway River highway 29 realignment is 3 kilometres. The bridge is 1 kilometre long. 14 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

THE CLEAN BC PLAN An astounding 98 per cent of energy generated by BC Hydro is clean energy. At the core of the province’s clean energy strategy is reducing fossil-fuel consumption, increasing new biofuel consumption, and shifting to using more clean B.C. electricity. Specifically, by 2030, the policies in this strategy will require an additional 4,000 gigawatt-hours of electricity over and above currently projected demand growth to electrify key segments of our economy. This is equivalent to increasing BC Hydro’s current system-wide capacity by about 8 per cent, or about the demand of the City of Vancouver. 15 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Unit 1 – turbine guide bearing assembly Unit 4 – the spiral case bulkhead left and the end of the penstock right Turbine units 1 through 6 Turbine unit 3 – stator wind 16 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

To meet this requirement means harnessing B.C.’s vast wealth of clean, renewable power—something that BC Hydro plays a large role in. “Site C also plays a key role in British Columbia’s CleanBC plan to lower climatechanging emissions by displacing higher carbon fuel sources with clean electricity,” says Alexis. “About 98 per cent of the power BC Hydro generates comes from clean or renewable resources and most of that is powered by water, making British Columbia a leader in clean electricity generation in western North America.” For more information, please visit ding and turbine shaft 17 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


In the realm of hydraulic systems and machinery, Saskatchewan-based Xtended Hydraulics & Machine has emerged as a leader in innovation, inclusivity, and a commitment to excellence. Founded by visionary leaders with a mission beyond profit, this Indigenousowned and operated company has not only set new standards in the industry but has also become a force for positive change in the lives of its employees and the broader community. Xtended Hydraulics began its journey with a singular mission: to enhance hydraulic systems to meet the everincreasing demands of modern industry. Co-founders Katherine and Rob Tebb envisioned a company that not only developed innovative solutions that would support and further the hydraulic industry, but also uplifted marginalized communities, particularly Indigenous individuals. “From the very inception, Katherine held a vision of integrating Indigenous people into our workforce and providing them with comprehensive training, equipping them with skills ranging from laborers to certified Red Seal professionals,” says Rob Tebb. The Tebb’s motivation for starting Xtended Hydraulics stemmed from a deep-rooted passion for sustainability and efficiency. He believed that hydraulic systems, which are integral to a wide range of industries, had untapped potential for improvement. Armed with this vision, they assembled a team of talented engineers and experts who shared their passion. 19 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

The journey of Xtended Hydraulics & Machine also began with a visionary perspective that extended beyond conventional business goals. Their mission was twofold: to create meaningful employment opportunities and to provide comprehensive training that transformed unskilled labor into certified professionals. “Our nation faces a severe shortage of skilled labor, while the fastest-growing segment of our population is confronted with limited prospects,” says Katherine Tebb. “We saw an opportunity to bridge this gap by integrating Indigenous people into our workforce, training them to become the backbone of our operations in various sectors.” The foresight of Xtended Hydraulics & Machine was grounded in addressing systemic barriers that had excluded Indigenous individuals from economic opportunities for generations. Today, the company’s workforce comprises over 50 per cent Indigenous employees who have not only found employment but have also accessed training, skills development, and career progression. The company proudly showcases the immaculate condition of their facilities is a testament to their dedication to quality. In fact, Xtended’s commitment to maintaining pristine conditions within an industrial setting often surprises visitors. The company also holds certifications including ISO certification, TSASK certification, Controlled Goods certification, and ISNet registration, underscoring its commitment to excellence and compliance with industry standards. Katherine Tebb, Co-Founder and COO Rob Tebb, Co-Founder and CEO 20 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

CORE VALUES At the heart of Xtended Hydraulics & Machine are core values that drive its operations and decision-making processes. Indigenous and female ownership serves as the foundation of their principles. “Technology and innovation are indispensable ingredients for achieving success in an ever-evolving world,” says Rob Tebb. “Manufacturing’s success today isn’t driven by cheap labor but by technology and automation.” VERSATILITY AND CUSTOMIZATION Xtended Hydraulics & Machine specializes in enhancing existing products, tailoring solutions to meet unique requirements. Their deep understanding of how products are used and the specific operating conditions they encounter allows them to custom-create solutions that outperform off-the-shelf alternatives. Moreover, their commitment extends beyond product development. The in-house RFID system integrated into every product allows for meticulous tracking of data, enabling the identification of trends in failures, durability, and quality. “Our specialty lies in enhancing your existing products rather than offering off-the-shelf solutions with broad applicability,” says Rob Tebb. “We excel in understanding how you use your products and the specific operating environments they encounter, allowing us to custom-create unique solutions tailored to your needs. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond product development. Through our in-house RFID system, integrated into every product 21 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

we manufacture for our clients, we meticulously track data to identify trends in failures, durability, and quality. This data-driven approach empowers us to continuously adapt and refine our offerings for each individual customer.” Safety is a paramount concern for Xtended Hydraulics & Machine, as reflected in their impressive ISNet registration with an A rating. However, their approach to safety goes beyond traditional measures. The company recognizes the importance of holistic well-being, encompassing not just physical safety but also mental and emotional health. NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS AND INNOVATIONS Xtended Hydraulics & Machine’s journey has been marked by notable achievements and groundbreaking innovations. They secured a patent for a product designed for the oil and gas sector that promises to revolutionize global pipeline processes. The attainment of TSASK and Controlled Goods A Cylinder in Assembly 22 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

certifications has opened doors to opportunities in the defense industry, generating more job opportunities and community benefits. One of the company’s most unexpected innovations emerged from their incorporation of RFID tags into hydraulic cylinders. Initially intended to track product data for quality and reliability enhancement, the RFID tags drew significant interest from customers who saw broader applications. The company’s in-house software and RFID tags now offer data-driven insights for various assets beyond hydraulic cylinders. For Katherine and Rob Tebb, the most rewarding aspect of leading Xtended Hydraulics & Machine has been the transformative journey itself. “A A Part Being Machined in a CNC Mill 23 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

INNOVATIONS REDEFINING INDUSTRY STANDARDS Xtended Hydraulics’ innovations have brought about transformative changes in the industries they serve: SMART HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS: Xtended Hydraulics introduced intelligent hydraulic systems that are not only more efficient but also capable of predictive maintenance. These systems use sensors and data analytics to detect potential issues before they become critical, saving businesses both time and money. ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS: Rob Tebb and his team were committed to making hydraulics more environmentally friendly. They developed hydraulic systems that consume less energy and reduce emissions, contributing to a greener future for industries reliant on hydraulic power. EXTENDED LIFESPAN: Xtended Hydraulics’ innovations have significantly extended the lifespan of hydraulic components, reducing the frequency of costly replacements and downtime for businesses. CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS: Understanding that different industries have unique requirements, Xtended Hydraulics offers customized solutions tailored to specific needs. This versatility has earned them a reputation for reliability and adaptability. The Xtended Team 24 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

decade ago, it was inconceivable how profound an impact this endeavor would have on our local clients and the broader community,” says Rob Tebb. “A decade ago, discussions of truth and reconciliation, ESG policies, and dedicated Indigenous opportunities were scarce. Moreover, we could not have foreseen how this journey would transform us. Today, we stand as a business that not only attracts clients and workers but continually innovates, producing high-quality products and workmanship that surpasses conventional norms.” As Rob Tebb tells aspiring entrepreneurs, “Discover something you’re passionate about and pursue it wholeheartedly. Along the way, you’ll encounter both triumphs and setbacks, but true defeat only occurs if you choose to surrender.” For more information, please visit A Custom Machined Part A Cylinder Tube Being Turned in a CNC Lathe 25 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


As the world’s largest producer and exporter of potash, the Canadian potash industry is as iconic—and vital—as oil and gas in the west, and the fishery in the east. Accounting for a whopping 11 per cent of provincial GDP, Saskatchewan’s potash industry generated $7.6 billion respectively in 2021*. Saskatchewan’s Noble Construction Corp. is a prominent construction company in the Parkland Region that has been providing the highest quality of service to its customers since 2003. With roots in the potash industry, Noble Construction is a partner with giants Mosaic and Nutrien, leading integrated producers of concentrated phosphate and potash—two of the three most important nutrients in agriculture. * 27 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

What started as a small general contractor servicing the Southeast Saskatchewan Potash market space and created a business model that focused on employees, community, and long-term client relationships, Noble has grown to become industry leaders because of its approach to projects and maintaining a level of expertise that is second to none. The Noble team of qualified professionals, tradespersons and administrative staff has grown to more than 200 employees, while being true to its core values, the success of its employees, the communities it which it operates, and its clients. With the bedrock of our business being the communities in which it works, Noble works on the belief that it is crucial to support local clients and team members. “We have built on local talent and growing into areas that supported our clients and filled gaps in operations and maintenance,” says Les Roberts, GM, “with a mindset of growing in the right way the company continued to see more opportunities that enabled a steady and sustainable growth pattern.” Roberts has been with Noble since 2015, and emphasises that the core of the company’s success is its people and community. “We focus Chris Miller, President 28 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

on our employees and believe this is fundamental to providing long term service capabilities and being able to fulfill our obligations to community stewardship.” The nucleus of Noble’s business is the desire to support the local potash industry, its employees and clients. “We have maintained our core values of ensuring that our employees, communities, and clients are our number one priority, says Roberts. “As we have grown, we strive to recruit and retain the right employees that match our values and support our culture. Our philosophy is founded on the belief that the safety and wellbeing of our employees, quality of workmanship, transparency, and the highest level of customer service are integral and inseparable components of our daily functions.” Clients choose Noble for support in Mechanical solutions (belt conveyance, mill maintenance), Electrical services (electrical & instrumentation, low and high voltage, major mine electrical infrastructure construction and maintenance), Underground mining (rehabilitation mining, ventilation, and ground control), and Operations support (pipeline inspections, red dye mixing and delivery, site services). Les Roberts, General Manager 29 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

QUALITY CONVEYANCE INSTALLATIONS However, Noble is best known for quality conveyance installations, with underground conveyor installations to be the core business unit—over the last 3 years, Noble has installed approximately 200,000 feet of new underground conveyors varying in size. “Our diverse range of mining, mechanical, structural and electrical professionals allow Noble to provide multiple complete conveyance system installations to our clients each year,” says Roberts. “Noble has done multiple conveyor upgrades which includes removing a preexisting belt line and reinstalling a new larger belt line within a short outage period during client annual shutdowns.” Conveyor construction starts with the pre planning and surveying to ensure proper placement of the carry structure, drive, take-up and tail pulley. Installations of the carry structure and structural steel takes place followed by the installation of all electrical and instrumentation, and then the commissioning team then completes thorough walk throughs and testing of every conveyor to ensure the safe and reliable operation for clients. Concrete Installation Dyke Rebuild Noble employs many qualified and talented equipment operators 30 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Ready for tomorrow. What matters most to you? That’s what HUB protects. Congratulations to Noble Construction for 20 years of working with and supporting the community. Our team in Esterhazy are proud to do business with your organization. Reach your goals with HUB. When you partner with us, you’re at the center of a vast network of experts dedicated to helping you prepare for the unexpected. We’ll advise you on how to confidently manage in an ever-changing business landscape, and tailor solutions to help you protect your organization, brand and assets. 306-745-2697 441 Main St. | Esterhazy, SK Rick Zaparaniuk Commercial Account Executive Let’s build a plan to protect your business. Contact a HUB construction insurance expert in Esterhazy today. Explore our construction insurance solutions.

Noble Crew completed 2023 Mosaic K2 Shut Down with no incidents Underground Surge Bin and Conveyor Installations Underground Surge Bin and Conveyor Installations Rock Drilling Underground 32 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

ELECTRICAL SWITCHGEAR AND DISTRIBUTION Noble has a large electrical division with experience in low medium and high voltage applications— having installed various underground substations at multiple mine sites in southeastern Saskatchewan. Trained professionals specialize in the installation of underground substations and distribution systems ranging from 5Kv to 25Kv. “We have Installations included the pre planning and review of electrical plans with engineering and plans submittals to ensure smooth installation and energization of the completed systems,” says Roberts. “The placement of permanent switch gear or portable mine power centers. Cable management systems for high voltage mine power feeder, terminations, and splices of all cabling. Grounding and bonding of cabling and equipment as well as the installed and connection of all protection devices. Our team also completes inhouse cable testing with very low frequency (VLF) test equipment prior to energization. All associated 600v, 120v and control cabling is installed to provide our clients a turnkey electrical solution.” MINING PROGRAM Noble Construction Corp. has added a fleet of underground mining equipment to provide another service in the mining sector. The fleet is built around a Joy 12cm12 Drum Miner, accompanied by a new power sled, a Stamler, scoop tram ore haulers, Arva crane with cutting head, and multiple underground personnel carriers and trucks. With this addition of equipment Noble offers underground mining Welding Pipe Underground Surge Bin and Conveyor 33 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

and rehabilitation projects which include new drift excavation, floor excavation, Underground development projects and underground rehabilitation projects. FILE HILLS QU’APPELLE DEVELOPMENTS (FHQ) FHQ Developments Ltd. is one of the fastestgrowing Indigenous Development Corporations. FHQ Developments is the Investment, Economic Development, and Indigenous Employment Strategy Corporation for the File Hill’s Qu’Appelle Tribal Council. Topa Contracting was created in 2018 as a partnership between File Hills Qu’Appelle Developments and Noble Construction Corp. with a focus on First Nations inclusion in the industrial, commercial, and mining sectors. This partnership combines the strengths and resources of FHQ Developments with Noble Construction’s knowledge and experience to create a service powerhouse offering clients first-in-class solutions. “Our overall goal for developing the partnerships we have with File Hills Qu’Appelle Developments is to contribute to the long-term economic independence and prosperity of our partners and its citizens,” says Roberts. “We aim to do this by developing profitable business ventures, economic development opportunities, and advancing employment and livelihood for the Nations and citizens in a manner consistent with the Nehiyaw (Cree), Dakota, Nakota, Traditional Pipe Ceremony and agreement signing between Noble and FHQ Developments shared with elders, peers and industry leaders 34 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Lakota, and Anishinaabe (Saulteaux) Nations teachings.” Pathway Supply was created in 2019 as a partnership with File Hills Qu’Appelle Developments and Noble Construction. This partnership is focused on providing customers with dependable and competitive supply solutions with a focus on becoming a prominent Saskatchewan First Nations supplier to Industrial, Commercial, Government and private sectors. LOOKING FORWARD As Noble Construction plans for future growth, the focus will always be to support employees, clients, and communities by staying true to the values and principles at the foundation of the company’s growth. “By continuing to maintain those values, it will allow for continued opportunity and growth for our business,” says Roberts. “Our goal will be to evolve with our clients and the markets we serve with a commitment to providing innovative solutions and being a trusted partner for many years to come.” For more information, please visit SIMSA Indigenous Mining Supply Chain Forum 35 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

The transition back into civilian life can be very challenging for the men and women who give so much in the service of our country. Every year, approximately 8,000 people retire from the Canadian Armed Forces, who then need to find meaningful employment in this new life chapter. Canadian Veterans leave the Forces with highly sought-after qualities, including discipline and a penchant to work hard. And while many skills acquired in the military transition well into civilian 36 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

life, there can still be many obstacles to overcome. This can be a daunting experience: adjusting to a less regimented lifestyle, adapting to new cultural norms and competing with other Canadians to find meaningful and well-paying employment. Furthermore, a lot of their training and experience is not recognized or accredited by civilian or government agencies. Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) Canada, a registered non-profit organization, was created to help eliminate such obstacles. Since its inception in 2012, 37 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

H2H has referred over 2,600 military community members into well-paying second careers with Canada’s Building Trades Unions. By working with the unionized construction industry, H2H ensures their clients receive only the best industry wages, benefits and pension plans. “Unfortunately, not everyone who transitions out of the Canadian Armed Forces into a civilian career has access to a support system that can help them overcome the obstacles of finding a well-paying and meaningful second career,” James Hogarth, Executive Director of Helmets to Hardhats Canada. Helmets to Hardhats aims to harness the valuable skillsets—dedication, leadership and teamwork— that the military community gains through their military experience and transfer those assets into second careers in the skilled trades to the mutual benefit of Canada’s unionized construction industry. Helmets to Hardhat’s mandate is to build lasting connections between the military community members seeking second careers in Canada’s highly skilled construction industry. A Veterans Affairs Canada report indicated that the 2021 Veteran population was 617,800, with 32 per cent of Veterans being in the core working age group, between 25 and 54. The average age of a Helmets to Hardhats client is 32 years old. With the demand for skilled labour across Canada at an all-time high, many Veterans have a long working 38 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


career ahead of them to help fill gaps in Canada’s labour force. “In partnership with construction trade unions, governments and industry, H2H streamlines the pathways to apprenticeship, advanced training and career placement opportunities in the unionized construction industry with registered employers who support the men and women who have served our country.” The H2H program continues to expand its efforts to raise awareness about careers in the skilled trades to Veterans across Canada. In 2021, H2H hired outreach specialists to better connect with the women and 2SLGBTQ2+ Veteran community and just recently added another outreach worker who will focus on communicating and facilitating skilled trades opportunities with Indigenous Veterans and youth (associated with the Cadet or Junior Canadian Ranger Programs). H2H wants to ensure that every Veteran, no matter who they are or their personal circumstances, is able to access its services and find rewarding careers in the skilled trades without having to deal with barriers to employment. ABORIGINAL VETERANS AUTOCHTONES (AVA) On top of their ongoing outreach initiatives, H2H and Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones (AVA) joined forces with a MOU ensuring Indigenous Veterans across Canada are aware of careers available in the skilled trades. 41 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


“The collaboration with Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones (AVA) was born from the need to reach all Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Veterans,” says Hogarth. “AVA provides H2H with cultural awareness and advice on outreach strategies. The national AVA network provides an avenue through which H2H can extend the message of secondcareer opportunities in the unionized construction sector in Canada. With 5.2 per cent of all CAF Veterans self-identifying as Indigenous, a better understanding of individual needs and obstacles can reduce barriers to meaningful employment.” “At Helmets to Hardhats, we believe that because of the dedicated service of our Veterans, it is now our responsibility to provide our services to Veterans as they find meaningful second careers in the unionized construction industry,” say Hogarth. “This is the mission that drives Helmets to Hardhats, as we think about Veterans every day, all year long.” HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT H2H Hogarth says this is an exciting time to work with Helmets to Hardhats. “The program continues to build upon its successes and looks forward to a bright future serving Veterans and the Unionized construction industry across Canada,” he says. “I can only see Helmets to Hardhats growing over the next ten years. As more young men and women 43 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

James Hogarth, Executive Director 44 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

leave the military, many will already be familiar with H2H and the opportunities we have available for them. As Canada aims to fill skill shortages, the military community will be a vital demographic to utilize within Canada’s Building Trade Unions.” H2H encourages prospective clients to register with them in order to access their varied services. H2H is able to support registered participants with resume building, accessing information on how to transfer military qualifications to the civilian work site and, most importantly, for apprenticeship referrals. As a registered employer, you can acquire a trained, skilled and reliable workforce through their online database. Working with Helmets to Hardhats also gives you free access to hundreds of resumes, ability to post careers you need filled and search functions to find employees near you. Helmets to Hardhats is the gateway into the unionized construction industry for the military community but continues to ensure Canada’s Building Trade Unions are getting the value added by a Veteran to fill labour shortages. To learn more about H2H, please visit 45 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Since its inception in 1995 as a small roofing and cladding company in Hay River, NT, ARCAN Group Inc. has evolved into an industry leader, leaving an indelible mark on the Northern construction landscape. ARCAN was founded by Duncan Cooke, whose vision of expanding into general contracting across the Northwest Territories and Nunavut came through the amalgamation of ARCAN Roofing & Cladding and Doycon Northern Inc., a general contracting company owned by Kimble and Aaron Doyle. While ARCAN Roofing and Cladding remained a subsidiary, Arctic Canada Construction became the general contracting arm. This strategic move allowed ARCAN to broaden its scope and better serve the Northern communities. Recognizing the growing importance of designbuild projects in the North, ARCAN welcomed 46 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

architect Daniel Adam as a major shareholder in 2010, allowing ARCAN to take control of design and costing. “In fact, ARCAN is the only general contractor with a permit to practice architecture, employing full time architects registered with the NWTAA,” says Caelin Cameron, Vice President, Design —a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and efficiency. “We have in-house professional architects and project managers who take responsibility for the project from concept to handing over the keys. This includes detailed design and construction documents, construction services, quality control and safety, project management and documentation. Increasingly, design-build is being used by clients who want to work with a single firm to hold seamless accountability for their project’s success” says Cameron. Hay River Health Centre - Hay River, NT – 2016 47 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

In 2015, ARCAN initiated an employee share purchase program, offering rewards and succession plans. Subsequently, the company expanded to include a Mechanical division and Mould and Abatement division, tackling some of the most challenging aspects of Northern construction. In 2020, faced with the evolving demands of the Yellowknife region and the hurdles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, ARCAN amalgamated with locally owned North West Builders and Can Pro Restorations. This strategic move bolstered their management capacity, clientele, and local labor Ready to Move House- Jean Marie River, NT – 2021 48 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

force, enhancing their competitiveness and value to clients. METCAN BUILDING SOLUTIONS Throughout its journey, ARCAN has placed a strong emphasis on collaboration with First Nation, Inuit, and Métis organizations in the North, recognizing the importance of involving local communities and businesses in project success and community sustainability. The partnership with the Hay River Métis Government Council led to the establishment of METCAN Building Solutions (MBS), a separate company dedicated to providing ready-to-move homes to Northern communities. “It’s imperative as a responsible company operating in the north that we involve and include locals, local business and indigenous groups for the success of the project and longevity of the communities,” says Aaron Doyle, President. “Nearly three decades of changes and adjustments has created what we believe is the strongest team and delivery method for northern design build and lump sum construction projects in the company’s history. We are excited for the future and what opportunities await us and our indigenous partners.” THE REBRANDING OF ARCAN GROUP INC. In a rapidly evolving industry, ARCAN recently unveiled a new logo and branding to reflect its 49 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


commitment to progress and innovation. The rebranding effort was driven by the desire to demonstrate that ARCAN is not anchored in the past but actively evolving to meet the demands of the future. The company chose to retain the name “ARCAN” due to its strong recognition and reputation in the North. The new logo pays homage to the company’s heritage, incorporating elements from the logos of its previous subsidiaries, such as the maple leaf from Arctic Canada Construction and the swoop representing the aurora borealis from North West Builders. The color scheme integrates elements from all previous company logos, and the ARCAN font serves as a reminder of the company’s foundation. This modernized logo aligns with the evolving corporate culture and reaffirms ARCAN’s mission of “Building Trades for Arctic Canada.” “It was important to us to keep the old name, even though for more than a decade the operating name of the main company was Arctic Canada Construction, we were still generally known as ARCAN,” says Cameron. “ARCAN is a wellMass_NRG_WhiteLine_Bleed_OuterMask_CMYK Thank you for your commitment and investment to infrastructure development in northern communities. Serving North of 60 Celebrating the contributions of Aaron Doyle and A C  Construction Ltd. ® / ™ Trademark(s) of Royal Bank of Canada. VPS111915 127132 (11/2022) Photo source: 51 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

established name as a northern contractor that is known for quality, indigenous relationships and importance placed upon local communities and building local relationships. ARCAN acknowledges the evolving perspectives on cultural appropriation and strives to maintain respect and reverence in its branding. “The new logo plays homage to where we came from by continuing to use the maple leaf that was part of both Arctic Canada Construction and Can Pro’s logos,” says Cameron. “Whether loved or despised as a tourist novelty, the aurora borealis are an integral part of northern identity and were part of the North West Builders logo and are now represented by the tri colour swoop,” says Cameron. ARCAN stands out in the construction industry for its specialized focus on Northern solutions. The company’s comprehensive approach to designbuild, coupled with its status as the only general contractor with a permit to practice architecture in the Northwest Territories, sets it apart. 52 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

In addition to residential projects, ARCAN continues to focus on building its commercial construction division. The company aims to deliver projects owned and operated by community partners, benefiting both the communities and ARCAN itself. ARCAN’s design-build process encourages exploration of alternative solutions, with input from the client, designer, and builder, resulting in optimal value for the client. “By involving all stakeholders from the outset, ARCAN ensures that constraints and opportunities are transparently communicated, enhancing client confidence in project success,” says Doyle. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY Sustainability is at the core of ARCAN’s projects, with a focus on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. ARCAN employs strategies to optimize site potential, minimize non-renewable energy consumption, use environmentally 53 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Lutsel K’e Dene School Renovation - Lutsel K’e, NT – 2018 54 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

preferable products, conserve water, enhance indoor environmental quality, reduce energy consumption, and make responsible material choices. A true testament to the quality of the team’s work, approximately 90 per cent of ARCAN’s private business comes from returning clients. ARCAN’s deep roots in the North, adaptability to change, and willingness to collaborate with clients and communities alike have solidified its position as a trusted partner in Northern construction. “We live here and see the impact of our projects and our team everyday and over the long haul,” says Doyle. For more information, please visit Lutsel K’e Dene School Renovation - Lutsel K’e, NT – 2018 Northern Employee Benefit Services Offices - Yellowknife, NT – 2019 55 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

EPLS Support Office – Winnipeg 56 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

The EPLS Group of Companies is the jackof-all-trades, providing the materials, tools, equipment and provisions needed for those who live, work, and play in Kivalliq Region, Nunavut EPLS’s roots go back to 1974, when it started as Eskimo Point Lumber Supply, a family business started by Don St. John. St. John’s idea to bring lumber into the community to support its rapid growth grew quickly and, today, EPLS Group of Companies includes two Home Hardware retail stores (in and Rankin Inlet and Arviat), Maintenance Services, Cargo and Heavy Equipment, Hotel and Property Management services. “When Ryan St. John took over as CEO of EPLS Group, his vision was simple: Integrity, Respect, Work Ethic, Loyalty, and Community,” says Mark Colley, President & CFO. “With over 250 employees and 60 per cent Inuit, we still believe that the key to our success is supporting the communities we work in and growing the business one customer at a time.” EPLS has been successful over time because it is dedicated to its customers and dialled in to the needs and wishes of the local customers. “We try to support them, grow with them and be the solution to all of their needs,” says Colley. “Our stores are not limited to just tools and hardware; we also carry groceries, general supplies, seasonal clothing, footwear, and sporting goods.” 57 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

In fact, at over 13,000 square feet (per floor), the Arviat Home Hardware Store represents the largest retail store project EPLS has every undertaken as a company. Its size and design allows EPLS to better service the community. “Not all groups are created with the retailers’ interest utmost in their minds,” said Don St. John at the time of opening. “We have been looking for over 10 years to find the right buying group and the Home Hardware group has certainly exceeded our expectations and the support and service is second to none. We now have a huge dealer support network and the buying power to take our retail operation to the next level. When you’re buying right, you can sell against anybody.” “As this was the location of our founding store, it needed to be special,” says Colley. “It represents our beginnings and where we want to go moving forward. We are very thankful that the community has supported us throughout this adventure.” Away from working to meet the changing needs of its customers, EPLS also owns and operates hotels and suites in Arviat and Rankin Inlet. These hotels include conference rooms as well as truck rentals, so people visiting the north and can work and commute on their own, hassle-free. Another mainstay in the community, EPLS Maintenance and Services, employes approximately EPLS Arviat EPLS Rankin Katimavik Suites 58 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

We put DURON™ heavy-duty engine oils to the test in one tough customer site, and it doubled their drain intervals*. It takes one seriously tough oil to do that. See what DURON could do for you. THINK IT’S TOUGH TO DOUBLE DRAIN INTERVALS? THINK AGAIN. VISIT DURONCHALLENGE.COM NO RISK. NO COST. BIG REWARDS. DURON HEAVY-DUTY ENGINE OILS THE TOUGHER. THE BETTER.™ Trademarks are owned or used under license. *Extending drain intervals should always be undertaken in conjunction with an oil analysis program.

50 people in the Kivalliq region. The team employs red seal tradespeople from OBMs, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, and many other Trades and Service people. EPLS owns various residential and commercial properties. In addition to long term residential rental units, they also offer commercial office space, heated and unheated storage, and garage amenities. Northern Networks Ltd. (NNL), established in 1993, it specializes in general contracting, procurement and strategic partnerships. NNL has been involved in many community enhancement projects such as building roads, water reservoirs, housing pads, docking facilities, sewage lagoons, airport runway resurfacing and gravel crushing. “With over 40 years of Arctic expertise, we are a diverse, established, and well-positioned company equipped to satisfy the ever-changing demands 60 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA Inside of the Store EPLS Mixed Use Unit - Rankin Derrick Webster (COO) With Staff

of our clients and business partners in Nunavut in English or Inuktitut,” says Colley. “NNL specializes in general contracting, procurement, and strategic partnerships. Our main focus is on fostering partnerships, which continue to be successful in the North.” “Having a group of companies servicing the North has helped us the same way it’s helped our customers,” continues Colley. “We have been able to share our resources, and so have our customers. Brand recognition goes a long way, but even farther in the North, so our customers know when they are dealing with an EPLS company that they’re getting the best service.” Colley believes EPLS’s biggest strength is its people. “We have been resilient through economic and environmental changes by leveraging the skills of our employees and their ability to find solutions,” he says. “We have also developed a very robust group of companies that provide synergies with each other.” “Northern customers are much like any customer in that they are looking for excellent customer service and the “relationship”,” says Colley. “I believe EPLS works hard to develop those relationships every day. And as we have many different operating units servicing the communities we are in, I think that positions us well to support community engagement and growth.” Founded upon the values of honesty, hard work and service to the community, this family-owned business takes pride in the ability to offer allinclusive services and employment opportunities to the Inuit people and business partners in the North. Says Colley, “We will continue to invest in our people and the communities we serve. That has always been the key to our success.” For more information, please visit 61 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA Mark Colley, President & CFO Ryan St John, CEO Derrick Webster, COO

Fort McKay Elder Long-Term Care Center 62 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Located in Treaty 8 Territory, about 45 minutes north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, is Fort McKay First Nation (FMFN). Home to 900 Cree and Dene members, FMFN is called, “Aoapaskaw” in Cree, meaning “where there are plants one after another”. With the goal of becoming fully economically self- sufficient, FMFN has consistently pursued diversification of its business portfolio. Also referred to as economic sovereignty, when a First Nation is economically self- sufficient, it results in strong governance, healthy and thriving community members, and a prosperous future. Chief Raymond Powder explains, “We want our nation members to thrive. Fort McKay First Nation’s vision is to build a strong and healthy community and nation. We strive to provide all the necessary resources for social 63 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Fort McKay First Nation Chief and Council 64 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

programs, health care, education, infrastructure while developing our economic capacity. We have evolved over the last 37 years of business endeavours and managing prosperity.” The Nation is well on its way to becoming fully self-sufficient, with only 5-10% of its annual budget stemming from government sources, and the rest funded with its business income. Today, the Nation has $700 Million assets under management, with a portfolio of 18 companies that generate approximately $500Million in annual revenue. The evolution of FMFN’s business portfolio began in 1986, with the Fort McKay Group of Companies (FMGOC). Starting with a janitorial contract the Group of Companies has now grown to include five subsidiaries, servicing the surrounding oil sands clients. Recently awarded the largest contract in history by Imperial Oil to an Indigenous supplier, the Group of Companies has grown into a progressive, competitive, and well-recognized brand in the Wood Buffalo region. Councillor Bobby Shott shared, “that while it is obvious that FMFN receives financial benefits and employment opportunities from the FMGOC, what may not be clear to others is that the FMGOC is a very large employer of Indigenous people from other communities. We are employing Indigenous peoples from over 75 other First Nation and Métis communities across Canada, with an Indigenous employment rate close to 30% and 65 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Fort McKay Business Success Lunch Fort McKay Chief & Councillor Melinda 66 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

with a very high number of Indigenous women in leadership positions. This means these families and communities are being positively impacted by the work FMFN is doing in our region.” Since its inception, the FMGOC has also provided significant economic benefits to Albertans, contributing over $1billion in accumulated business activity. Fast forward to twenty years later, in the early 2000s, FMFN again diversified its portfolio with the creation of Fort McKay Landing (FM Landing) and launch of Fund 1. Fort McKay Landing is the private equity firm wholly owned by the Nation with the strategy of investing in companies across the industrial services, trades, manufacturing, real estate, and professional services industries. With great foresight for ensuring the economic stability of the Nation, each year Chief and Council allocate a fund to be deployed by FM Landing into new investments. Fund 1 is fully funded by FMFN, consisting of 15 portfolio companies located across Canada. These investments are predominantly small-medium enterprises across the forementioned industries, as well as two major infrastructure investments. Councillor Bobby Shott noted, “What differentiates FM Landing from other private equity firms is first of all, we are the first private equity firm owned by a First Nation. Second, we are a long term investor without the standard 5-7 year exit requirements. Third, we have an evergreen fund so we can always deploy more capital into a portfolio company to pay for growth or acquisitions. We take a co-ownership approach with other shareholders and focus on mutual interests to grow the business together.” Defying expectations, FMFN has achieved a balanced business portfolio that supports its community. Many Canadians still don’t expect a First Nation to have a large business portfolio, yet FMFN is doing just that. Fort McKay School Fort McKay School 67 OCT 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA