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EDITOR’S LETTER In this May issue of Business Elite Canada, we are excited to present our cover story featuring Canada Diagnostic Centres, a leading provider of medical imaging services across the nation. Delving into their innovative approach to healthcare delivery and commitment to patient care, this feature explores how Canada Diagnostic Centres continues to redefine the standards of diagnostic imaging in Canada. We also highlight GEF Seniors Housing, spotlighting their dedication to creating vibrant and accessible housing for seniors across Alberta, transforming the landscape of senior living, providing compassionate care and enriching experiences for residents. Furthermore, we delve into the SaskPower’s New Logistics Complex—a facility that consolidates SaskPower’s operations in Regina, offering office space for more than 400 employees—Western Canada’s Stratus Electrical and Instrumentation, and the new Smith Bridge Crossing Project by the City of Edmonton. We hope these stories offer valuable insights into the dynamic business of the entrepreneurial spirit in Canada. The BEC Team 3 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

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In 2023, close to one million patients in need of exceptional and timely radiology services turned to Canada Diagnostic Centres (CDC) for patient care. The first private Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Centre in Western Canada, CDC delivers every day on its founding goal to boldly reshape the health care landscape with improved access to critical diagnostic services. ACCESS TO MRIs ON YOUR TIME Over the past three decades, CDC has continuously raised the bar in radiology services, introducing groundbreaking technologies and expanding its reach across Alberta and beyond. “Our vision is to lead Imaging and Radiology in Canada by increasing access to quality, innovative and compassionate patient care,” says Darcy Verhun Chief Executive Officer. “We will have a positive impact on the lives of everyone we serve.” 7 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Our Mission Questions? We are here to help! +1 (888) 422-3633 Locations Calgary branch 103-2710 3 Ave NE Calgary, AB T2A 2L5 Head Office 3-2735 Matheson Blvd. E Mississauga, ON L4W 4M8 Established in 1995, our mission is “To provide outstanding ultrasound equipment and support to Canadian health care facilities by means of superior client relations, offering the best value to enhance diagnostics and benifit patient care across Canada” The Ultrasound Specialists

What does CCE Medical Equipment have to offer? CCE is proud to partner with Canadian Diagnostics Center (CDC) in our mission to deliver the best diagnostic imaging for patients across Canada. Best-in-class ultrasound equipment sales support Professional in-house probe repairs and maintenance 2 ultrasound features to augment your care! Advancement of AI technology: AI has significantly contributed the evolution of ultrasound machines. These advancements collectively contribute to the improvement of patient care, increasing the accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility of ultrasound technology. Some of these advancements include: Active detection, measurement and classification of anatomy and pathology Pre- and post- image acquisition quality enhancements Improved imaging and reporting efficiency Machine learning driven research and development Innovation in advanced ultrasound techniques (such as Fusion, Contrast Enhanced Imaging, and Shear Wave Elastography) CCE Medical Equipment is the authorized nationwide distributor of Samsung Ultrasound Equipment (excluding Quebec). Relentless innovation is our commitment. Multi-vendor service solutions for maintenance and equipment repair Loaner equipment, rentals, trade-ins, storage, moving services, etc. Nationwide support Flexible financial options SonoSync: This Samsung exclusive feature provides the the ability to share real time images and remote control ultrasounds from anywhere in the world!

“CDC’s journey has been characterized by innovation and a commitment to patient-centric care,” adds Dr. Robert Davies, President, and Chief Medical Officer. As CDC commemorates its 30th anniversary milestone, it’s important to contextualize the pivotal role that MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) centers play in the healthcare landscape and the profound impact they have on both patients and the business community. Private access to MRI technology offers several benefits to individuals and healthcare systems alike. It reduces waiting times significantly compared to public healthcare systems, allowing patients to receive timely diagnosis and treatment—crucial for conditions where early detection is paramount, such as cancer or neurological disorders. CDC also offers more flexibility in scheduling appointments, accommodating its clients’ schedules and minimizing disruptions to work or personal commitments. CDC’s MRI facilities offer a more comfortable and personalized experience, with amenities like private rooms, shorter wait times, rural clinics and extended hours of operation. From this wider perspective, private access to MRIs can complement public healthcare services, alleviating the burden on overloaded public systems and providing an alternative for those seeking expedited care. CCE Medical Equipment We operate in an ever-changing, tech-driven era of diagnostic imaging. Ultrasound technology is more capable, efficient, accurate, and versatile than ever before, standing out as a beacon of innovation. CCE strives to deliver the best ultrasound equipment and support for patients across Canada - because all healthcare facilities deserve diagnostic confidence! CCE is the largest new, reconditioned and preowned ultrasound dealer in Canada, and one of the largest in North America. We buy, sell, lease, rent, support, and service most models of diagnostic ultrasound equipment. We are an independent Canadian-owned family company comprised of licensed Canadian sonographers, biomedical engineers, and professional business consultants with an abundance of industry experience. The CCE team strives to offer premium quality products and support at the best possible value. With locations in Ontario and Alberta, we cater to facilities coast-to-coast, providing ultrasound machines for a variety of clinical applications. We are thrilled to be the national distributor of SAMSUNG ultrasound equipment in Canada (excluding Quebec), in addition to having impressive capabilities with all other major ultrasound manufacturers in the reconditioned market. This is a new age of ultrasound technology that is spearheading the future of diagnostics - we hope to see you there! 10 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

CDC’S HISTORY Founded in 1993, CDC has evolved significantly over three decades, responding to the growing demand for its services. In 2003, the addition of publicly funded services like ultrasound and image-guided pain management marked a significant expansion of its offerings—an expansion which continued with the establishment of new clinics in Calgary, Okotoks, and Edmonton over the subsequent decade. In 2013, CDC undertook a substantial acquisition, effectively doubling its size by acquiring clinics from CML in both cities. By 2021, CDC had burgeoned to encompass 18 clinics across Alberta. This milestone year also witnessed a strategic partnership with NovaCap, Canada’s preeminent private equity firm boasting over four decades of success. Leveraging this partnership, CDC embarked on a trajectory of expansion and acquisition, including Guardian Radiology, culminating in its present stature of 42 clinics spread throughout Canada. Through these strategic initiatives, CDC has steadfastly remained at the forefront of providing accessible and high-quality diagnostic imaging services to communities across the nation. Darcy Verhun says, “Our acquisition of clinics from CML in 2013 marked a significant expansion, doubling our size and solidifying our position as a premier radiology service provider in Alberta.” This strategic move propelled CDC towards its current stature, boasting 42 clinics nationwide by 2021. Darcy Verhun Chief Executive Officer Dr. Robert Davies President & Chief Medical Officer 12 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

GE HealthCare would like to congratulate CDC on their 30 year anniversary! About us: At GE HealthCare, we see possibilities through innovation. We’re dedicated to providing integrated solutions that make hospitals more eicient, clinicians more eective, therapies more precise, and patients healthier. Together, we’re creating a world where healthcare has no limits. Thank you for providing excellent patient care and serving the needs of communities across Alberta! © 2024 GE HealthCare. GE is a trademark of General Electric ompany used under trademark license. JB01104CA

ADVANCING RADIOLOGY AND PATIENT CARE CDC’s contribution to advancing the field of radiology in Alberta is multifaceted. Dr. Davies outlined three key pillars: technological innovation, enhanced accessibility, and investment in staff development. “We’ve been at the forefront of introducing new services and technologies, from 3D mammograms to advanced pain management procedures,” he says. “We’ve invested heavily in technology and also our patient care team, providing comprehensive training programs to enhance their professional capabilities and ensure optimal patient outcomes,” adds Verhun. This emphasis on continuous improvement has solidified CDC’s reputation for excellence in patient care. EMBRACING TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS In an industry that is experiencing technological innovation at a rapid pace, CDC has remained steadfast in embracing innovation to enhance its services. “We’ve always viewed technological advancements as opportunities rather than challenges,” says Dr. Davies. From 3D imaging capabilities to remote care via teleradiology services, this IT infrastructure positions CDC at the forefront of diagnostic imaging. 14 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


“Harnessing AI will enable our staff and physicians to provide faster and more accurate results, further enhancing our ability to increase access to care,” says Verhun. “CDC’s proactive approach to integrating AI underscores its commitment to staying ahead of the curve in meeting evolving healthcare needs.” UNRIVALED QUALITY OF CARE AND PATIENT EXPERIENCE What sets CDC apart from other radiology service providers is its unwavering dedication to quality of care and patient experience. “Every patient interaction is regarded as a privilege, and we strive to ensure that each individual receives timely accessible, personalized, and compassionate care,” says Verhun. CDC’s expansive service offerings cater to diverse patient needs, reaffirming its commitment to accessibility and affordability. CDC’s focus on patient experience through initiatives such as streamlined scheduling, comfortable facilities, and personalized care, underscores its dedication to meeting the needs and expectations of every client who walks through its doors. DRIVING IMPACTFUL CHANGE IN HEALTHCARE DELIVERY Looking ahead, CDC’s goal for the next five to ten years is “to be recognized as the leading nationwide diagnostic imaging provider, serving over 2 million patients annually across Canada,” says Mr. Verhun. This vision encompasses organic and inorganic Leading the way for a radiant future. Congratulations to Canada Diagnostic Centres for celebrating 30 years of creating a healthier Canada, one image at a time. 17 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


growth strategies, including expansion into new provinces and the establishment of over 100 clinics nationwide. Dr. Davies emphasized CDC’s unwavering commitment to improving access to care, stating, “Our goal is to positively impact healthcare delivery by ensuring that every Canadian has access to high-quality diagnostic services.” Verhun adds, “Through strategic expansion and a relentless focus on innovation, CDC aims to reshape the healthcare landscape, driving meaningful change for patients across the country.” On its 30th anniversary, Canadian Diagnostic Centres continues to push boundaries and redefine standards in radiology services; its impact on patient care and healthcare delivery will undoubtedly endure for generations to come. As a premier provider of radiology services, CDC plays a vital role in offering Canadians a comprehensive suite of diagnostic offerings, enabling precise and accurate diagnoses. For more information, please visit 1. CDC are leaders and trail blazers introducing new services and technologies including 3D mammograms, 3-tesla MRI, vertebral fracture assessment with BMD studies, automated whole breast ultrasound, CT virtual colonoscopy, advanced pain management procedures like radiofrequency neurotomy, and countless other examples. 2. CDC has increased patient access to care by distributing our capabilities to as many locations as possible, bringing these services to patients in their own communities rather than making patients come to us. 3. CDC has invested hugely in our patient care team, developing internal training programs for our imaging technologists that allow them to greatly expand their professional capabilities and ability to serve our patients’ diverse needs. CDC has done three important things in the imaging landscape: 19 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


Canada is undergoing a profound demographic shift. The latest census data from 2021 reveals that seniors aged 85 and older constitute the fastest-growing age group in the country. To effectively support this growing demographic, there is an urgent need for affordable and accessible housing options tailored to their needs. As the nation grapples with the challenges posed by the housing crisis, organizations like Alberta-based GEF Seniors Housing emerge as a vital link between the needs of seniors and dignified and sustainable housing solutions—and appropriate supports enabling seniors to maintain their independence as long as possible. 21 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

GEF’s Sakaw Terrace opened in 2019 and fulfills a growing need for affordable seniors housing, allowing seniors to age in place in their own communities. 22 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

With a rich history spanning over six decades, GEF has evolved to meet the changing needs of seniors, embracing a client-centered approach that prioritizes dignity, well-being, and community engagement. “We believe every senior deserves a home that meets their housing needs and enhances their well-being, regardless of their level of income,” says Shanika Donalds, Director of Housing and Client Services for GEF Seniors Housing. “For 65 years, we have continued working with the broader community as an active partner in the important work of providing quality social housing for seniors in Edmonton and its surrounding communities, in accordance with our Mission, Vision, and Values.” THE CHALLENGE OF SENIOR HOUSING IN ALBERTA Seniors’ housing in Canada is complex and the sector is faced with a number of systemic challenges and vulnerabilities. GEF’s approach is not just to housing, but the support systems seniors need to thrive. GEF is the largest social housing provider for seniors in Alberta. Currently, they provide nearly 3,800 low to moderate-income seniors with access to affordable, well-maintained, and secure housing across 41 buildings located in the City of Edmonton. In 2023, almost 2,000 seniors applied for housing with GEF, reflecting the increasing demand for affordable housing for this demographic. Eighty-two ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN IS A SYNTHESIS OF FUNCTION AND LIFE. THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A SITE AND BUILT SPACE LEADS TO AN ARCHITECTURAL OUTCOME [FUNCTION] THAT PROVIDES BOTH A PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE [LIFE]. architecture project management interior design master planning building code assessment advisory practice E INFO@KSPARCH.COM T 780.716.9199 W KSPARCH.COM 23 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

percent of GEF’s clients were between 71 and 100 years of age. The average annual income for all their clients was $26,120. That same year, GEF received 768 referrals to its Community Support Program. This initiative facilitates access to appropriate and timely supports and services that help clients maintain their housing and leads to an improved quality of life. The program acts as preventative measure to housing insecurity and contributes to longer-term financial savings for GEF. OLDER AND WISER In 2024, GEF Seniors Housing is reaching its own senior-status, marking 65 years of operations. The wisdom accrued through decades of experience and knowledge have resulted in numerous significant milestones for the not-for-profit organization. These include the growth of seniors’ communities operated from just four to over forty. Throughout this time, GEF has remained dedicated to providing safe, affordable, and high-quality housing to thousands of seniors, while empowering seniors to live life on their terms, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Moreover, GEF has prioritized maintaining full occupancy in its housing units, recognizing the pressing demand for such accommodation in the community. 24 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Calgary Congratulations to GEF Seniors Housing on celebrating their 65th Anniversary! Edmonton 25 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

GEF then and now: (Top photos) Two of the original four Lodges operated by GEF in the 1960s - McQueen and Rosslyn . (Bottom photo): Ottewell Terrace, which opened in 2015, is one of five Affordable Apartment buildings owned by GEF. 26 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

GEF employees place immense value on fostering meaningful relationships between clients and staff, believing in promoting interactions built on trust, and aiming to positively contribute to everyone’s life journey. GEF is the only social housing provider in Alberta to take proactive steps towards sustainability by developing and implementing its Sustainability Framework, further solidifying its commitment to serving seniors and the community at large. SERVING A VARIETY OF NEEDS Since its inception in 1959 as the Greater Edmonton Foundation -a registered charity- GEF has been dedicated to providing not just shelter, but vibrant communities where seniors can age with dignity and purpose. GEF’s four original buildings were named Elmwood, McQueen, Rosslyn, and Belvedere. These Lodges were intended to bridge the gap between independent living and nursing homes and provided housekeeping, meals, and recreation programming, but no health or personal care. Today, GEF Seniors Housing operates 29 Seniors SelfContained (SSC) Apartments, 11 Lodges, and five Affordable Apartment buildings: • Seniors Self-Contained (SSC) Apartments provide independent living for functionally independent seniors, offering choices and encouraging 27 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

each tenant to live independently as a part of a community. Rent is calculated at 30% of annual income (income threshold applies). • Lodges provide supportive living for functionally independent seniors, as well as support services: meals, housekeeping, linen service, and activity and wellness programming. Residents enjoy meals and snacks prepared by certified Red Seal Chefs, who work with the residents and Registered Dietitians to provide delicious meals that meets their health and nutritional needs. Non-medical staff are on-site 24 hours a day, providing peace of mind knowing someone is always on hand to deal with any building-related emergencies or concerns at the Lodge. Rent is calculated at 30% of annual income plus a monthly fee for the support services. • Affordable Apartments provide apartment housing for seniors, where rent is at a minimum 10-15% below the average market rates. These tenants maintain an independent lifestyle, while still having the benefits of living within a GEF community. A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO SENIOR WELL-BEING Beyond mere shelter, GEF Seniors Housing embodies a holistic approach to seniors’ well-being, rooted in its Quality of Life Philosophy. Central to this philosophy is the belief that every senior deserves a home that meets their housing needs and enhances their well-being. By offering housing options that promote autonomy, social connection, and community engagement, GEF fosters a sense Lodge resident Sharon S. and her cat Chloe. 28 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

of belonging and purpose among its residents, enriching their quality of life and contributing to positive health outcomes. Dori T. is just one of many seniors who have experienced the friendly, compassionate, and practical support GEF provides. “I have experienced something wonderful and beyond what I anticipated, with GEF and its approach to senior housing. Living here has opened my eyes to something I wouldn’t have imagined was actually happening in a seniors apartment building…in a good way!” Dori calls her an apartment a “lovely place” where she observes and enjoys “an incredible sense of community where many residents are part of co-creating something beautiful, notably making a positive difference in one another’s lives, making the best of their senior days. I’m listening to their journeys, and many have shared they wouldn’t ever want to leave here because of it. In today’s world this is amazing!” “This all adds up to a great living environment I’m so privileged to be a part of at this season of my life,” says Dori. “Thank you to our awesome management team and GEF for this opportunity that’s been a lifechanging gift for me! Lodge resident, Sharon S., who lives with her cat Chloe, says “Chloe has been a huge part of my life since she was just a kitten. Being able to bring her with me was the best thing that happened to us.” Dori T. (on the right) enjoys “an incredible sense of community” at her GEF Seniors Self-Contained (SSC) Apartment building.” 29 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

ALIGNING WITH COMMUNITY PARTNERS GEF Seniors Housing recognizes the importance of collaboration and partnership in addressing the multifaceted challenges of senior housing. By working closely with community-based agencies, government entities, and local stakeholders, GEF amplifies its impact and ensures that seniors receive the support and resources they need to thrive. Through strategic alliances and shared vision, GEF endeavors to alleviate homelessness, enhance social inclusion, and create vibrant and sustainable communities for seniors across the province. GEF SENIORS HOUSING IN ACTION Allan L. was living in a property where there were multiple concerns for his safety, prompting the intervention of the Residential Inspection Safety Compliance Team (RISC) through the Problem Property Initiative at the City of Edmonton. Through collaborative efforts with the Community Safety Liaison and the Homelessness Prevention Coordinator from the City of Edmonton, Allan was connected with Sage Seniors Association to complete a housing application for GEF Seniors Housing. Accompanied by the Community Safety Liaison, Allan attended his interview, and with the help of GEF staff, Allan was approved for a bachelor unit at a GEF apartment building. The team then coordinated with Bissell Centre’s Outreach Housing Team to move Allan into his new bachelor apartment with new furniture and some financial support to ensure a successful transition. Allan L. enjoys the comfort and security of his GEF apartment unit. 30 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

CHARTING THE COURSE FOR THE FUTURE As GEF Seniors Housing celebrates 65 years of service and embarks on a new chapter of its journey, it unveils a bold vision for the future. With the release of its new five-year Strategic Plan, GEF charts a course towards creating vibrant, affordable, and sustainable communities for seniors in Alberta. By leveraging sustainable operations, fostering community engagement, and embracing innovation, GEF aims to redefine the landscape of seniors social housing for generations to come. Says Donalds: “2024 is a significant year for GEF for many reasons especially since it marks the release of our new five-year Strategic Plan. Together with our Sustainability Framework, refreshed Vision, Mission, Values and Quality of Life philosophy, GEF is not only celebrating 65 years, but coming of age at the right time to continue our journey to create vibrant, affordable communities for seniors just when they are needed most.” For more information, please visit: Shanika Donalds Director of Housing and Client Services 31 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


For over nine decades, SaskPower has stood as the bedrock of Saskatchewan’s electrical infrastructure, powering homes, industries, and progress across the province. Since its inception in 1929, SaskPower has evolved into the principal electrical utility for Saskatchewan, servicing over half a million customers with a commitment to reliability, sustainability, and innovation. “SaskPower is committed to enabling growth in Saskatchewan and continuing economic reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples,” says Scott Campbell, SaskPower’s Director of Properties and Shared Services, Legal and Corporate Services. At the heart of SaskPower’s mission lies a dedication to serving the diverse needs of Saskatchewan residents while fostering economic 33 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

prosperity and social inclusion. Recognized as one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers and one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers, SaskPower boasts a diverse workforce of over 3,000 employees. With a focus on economic reconciliation, SaskPower has garnered accolades and achieved the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Gold Status multiple times, underscoring its commitment to Indigenous engagement and empowerment. 34 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Amidst SaskPower’s ongoing efforts to modernize and optimize its operations, the Regina Operations and Maintenance Complex emerges as a beacon of progress and efficiency. This ambitious project aims to consolidate SaskPower’s operations in Regina, replacing five aging facilities scattered throughout the city with a modern, centralized complex. The SaskPower Logistics Complex will consist of multiple warehouses, offices, pole yards, secure storage and decontamination buildings located on approximately 90 acres of land. The new facilities will house employees currently working at five different locations to help establish operating efficiencies. The work on this project encompasses a wide range of tasks, including extensive site services, EV chargers, cable tray installations, low voltage distribution, energy efficient lighting with control systems, standalone emergency systems, communication systems, security systems, fire alarms, PA systems, and sound masking. Overcoming challenges such as coordinating extensive installations across large areas and Building people and communities together since 1905 Congratulations, SaskPower, on your new facility! We’re proud to have partnered with you on this exciting project. 35 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

multiple buildings required close collaboration with the project team. SaskPower’s expertise and collaborative approach have ensured the successful completion of this ambitious project, enabling streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. “The goal of the project is to construct a facility that consolidates SaskPower’s operations in Regina, offering office space for more than 400 employees,” explains Campbell. “By bringing these operations together, we expect to achieve efficiencies and synergies that will enhance the organization’s effectiveness. Furthermore, the modern work environment provided by the new facility will enable SaskPower to implement innovative work processes and will allow SaskPower to avoid significant capital expenditures on facilities that have exceeded their useful life cycle.” The benefits of this consolidation are manifold. By bringing together disparate operations under one roof, SaskPower anticipates significant 36 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

efficiencies and synergies, enabling enhanced collaboration, streamlined workflows, and improved resource utilization. Additionally, the modern work environment provided by the new complex will facilitate the implementation of innovative work processes, further bolstering SaskPower’s operational effectiveness and agility. “The consolidation will facilitate collaboration among various groups, allowing them to work together and share resources more effectively,” says Campbell. “For instance, the transmission and distribution groups have distinct scopes of work, but significant efficiencies can be realized when they collaborate and coordinate their efforts.” The Regina Operations and Maintenance Complex aligns with SaskPower’s long-term strategic goals and commitments to sustainability and modernization. By investing in newer, larger facilities equipped with energy-efficient technologies, SaskPower anticipates lower maintenance 37 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


requirements and reduced utility costs, ultimately translating into cost savings and environmental stewardship. As Campbell says, “The costs for operating and maintaining newer, larger facilities will be offset by lower maintenance requirements and reduced utility costs.” Beyond its operational benefits, the Regina Operations and Maintenance Complex holds immense potential to stimulate economic growth and job creation in the Regina area and throughout Saskatchewan. By fostering relationships with local and Indigenous suppliers and committing substantial investments to local businesses, SaskPower aims to catalyze economic development and advance supplier development opportunities. As Campbell notes, “Throughout Fiscal Year 2023/2024 SaskPower committed to $877 million of total spend to Saskatchewan suppliers.” Looking ahead, the Regina Operations and Maintenance Complex promises to be a catalyst for positive change, driving operational efficiency, economic growth, and community prosperity. With Phase 1 of the complex already completed in February 2024 and Phase 2 set to commence construction in spring 2024, SaskPower is poised to embark on a new chapter of innovation and excellence, powered by its unwavering commitment to powering Saskatchewan towards a sustainable future. For more information, please visit 39 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

The demand for reliable electrical and instrumentation services has never been greater, even in the most tough and remote of environments. Among the companies at the forefront of meeting this demand stands Stratus Electrical & Instrumentation, a dynamic organization renowned for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and unparalleled corporate culture. 40 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Based out of Western Canada, Stratus Electrical & Instrumentation operates as an electrical and instrumentation contractor with a portfolio of projects that span the globe. As an employee-owned entity, the company is dedicated to simplifying the lives of its clients. Established in 2014, Stratus attributes its success to its exceptional culture, where significant investments are made in the development of its personnel. Recognizing the pivotal role of its workforce, Stratus ensures that its employees receive strategic support and resources to thrive. They are collectively responsible for upholding safety standards, delivering 41 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

world-class quality, and fostering a positive experience for clients interacting with the team. At Stratus’ core is the principle that there was room for improvement — “We can do better than that.” Under the vision of Dave Smith, President and CEO, Stratus was established to embody the qualities of an ideal workplace. This included recognizing and valuing skilled tradespeople, active community involvement, support for sports initiatives, and a commitment to ethical management practices even during challenging times. It is evident that this vision has struck a chord and continues to drive Stratus towards excellence in the industry. Stratus has emerged as a leading provider of comprehensive electrical and instrumentation solutions across a diverse range of industries. From oil and gas to manufacturing, commercial construction, renewable energy, and beyond, Stratus has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional quality and reliability in every project undertaken. At the heart of Stratus Electrical & Instrumentation lies Smith’s philosophy that guide its operations and shape its interactions with clients, employees, and stakeholders. The team’s employee shareholder structure “attracts and retains” the best talent in the game, says Smith. Working with Stratus is straightforward. The team members exhibit genuine dedication to their work, 42 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


and are rewarded for it. Stratus invests considerable resources in team development, recognizing their pivotal role in achieving success. With a focus on safety and quality, the team fosters a collaborative and enjoyable work environment. “If [a project] has challenging work in terms of how to staff, or if it is technically or geographically challenging, that’s where we come in,” says Smith. “We look at problems to find solutions, and we bring our whole team together to do so. This has led to some amazing opportunities for us. [For instance] how many times do you get to fly in and out of Chad, Africa?” And that’s just one example of the unique and interesting work Stratus takes on. “Sometimes our work brings us out into the mountains or working on the hydro dams,” says Smith, noting those projects also allow for some unique fishing on the river banks. It’s a balance of excitement and experience for each project: Stratus’s experienced project managers, equipped with comprehensive training and proven systems, ensure a smooth project journey from preconstruction phases to turnover, which is why you can trust Stratus to deliver a hassle-free experience, underpinned by meticulous planning and clear communication throughout the project lifecycle. 44 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

The cumulation of these factors results in dedicated clientele. Clients can expect timely project updates tailored to their needs, covering labor costs, committed materials, safety and quality reports, and work tickets. Stratus employs a paper-free, real-time reporting system integrated with its accounting software, ensuring accuracy and accessibility 24/7. This customizable approach allows clients to receive reports in their preferred format hassle-free. COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE OFFERINGS Stratus Electrical & Instrumentation offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of its clients. From initial consultation and design to installation, Dave Smith - President and CEO. 45 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

maintenance, and ongoing support, the company provides end-to-end solutions that ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and safety across all electrical and instrumentation systems. Stratus specializes in a wide array of electrical services, including power distribution, lighting systems, control panel design and fabrication, motor control centers, electrical infrastructure upgrades, and more. Whether it’s a small-scale commercial project or a large-scale industrial installation, Stratus has the expertise and resources to deliver results that surpass expectations. In addition to its electrical offerings, Stratus excels in providing instrumentation services that encompass the design, installation, calibration, and maintenance of instrumentation and control systems. From process instrumentation to SCADA systems, PLC programming, and industrial automation, Stratus ensures precision, accuracy, and reliability in every application. 46 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

With a growing emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship, Stratus is at the forefront of providing renewable energy solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients. From solar and wind power installations to energy storage solutions and grid integration, Stratus is committed to driving the transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. The success of Stratus Electrical & Instrumentation is best exemplified by the satisfaction of its clients. From multinational corporations to local businesses, clients across various industries have lauded Stratus for its professionalism, reliability, and unparalleled customer service. Testimonials praising the company’s expertise, efficiency, and dedication serve as a testament to its commitment to client satisfaction and excellence. INDIGENOUS ESG Stratus Electrical & Instrumentation is committed 47 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Congratulations are in order for the management team on the successful completion of the “Best Leadership Practices” course, facilitated by Results Business Consultants. This milestone signifies the conclusion of the second cohort of employees who have participated in this valuable training initiative. Throughout this rigorous program, the team underwent a comprehensive exploration of leadership principles and strategies, engaging with challenging and often uncomfortable topics that pushed many beyond their comfort zones. Of utmost importance was the emphasis on continuous self-reflection, soliciting feedback, and embracing new challenges and opportunities. A key takeaway for the management team was the concept of shared leadership, highlighting the notion that anyone within the organization can step up and effect positive change, irrespective of their title or position. Stratus takes pride in the team’s unwavering dedication to ongoing growth and development. Armed with expanded leadership perspectives and capabilities, there is a strong confidence that they will continue to drive proactive initiatives, cultivate excellence, and steer the organization towards even greater achievements. 48 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

to Indigenous support and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, a commitment ingrained in the core values and practices of every team member. The company has proactively developed an Indigenous Engagement & ESG program in collaboration with internal stakeholders, leaders, and external partners. This approach aims to enhance awareness, amplify impact, and contribute to the process of Reconciliation by advancing ESG initiatives and measuring their outcomes effectively. The Stratus CIRCLE Strategy is closely aligned with the National Indigenous Economic Strategy for Canada 2022, serving as a tangible response to the call to action outlined in the strategy. Specifically, it addresses Economic Prosperity Call to Action No. 29 of the National Indigenous Economic Strategy, urging all entities in Canada to establish measurable Reconciliation Action Plans that are transparently communicated to the public. Looking ahead, Stratus Electrical & Instrumentation remains poised for continued growth and success in the dynamic landscape of electrical and instrumentation services. With a strong foundation built on integrity, innovation, and customer-centric values, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities, expand its market presence, and further solidify its reputation as a trusted leader in the industry. For more information, please visit 49 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


The new Edmonton Smith Crossing Pedestrian Bridge makes Edmonton’s natural beauty accessible to Edmontonians. Located over the river valley system in the city’s beautiful MacTaggart and Larch Sanctuaries, the new bridge, which opened in late 2023, replaced the original structure built in 1914 and then repurposed as a pedestrian bridge in 1961 for those who wish to walk, bike, and roll across the area. In 1996 the bridge was named “Smith Crossing” to commemorate Robert and Elizabeth Smith and their family who were early settlers in the Rabbit Hill area. It faithfully served the surrounding communities, providing access to the MacTaggart and Larch Sanctuaries. The structure was replaced by a new bridge in 2023. 51 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

OVERVIEW AND SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PROJECT Nathan Stelmach provides an insightful overview of the project, tracing its origins back to 1914 when the original bridge was built by the Alberta government to facilitate transportation across Whitemud Creek. Repurposed as a pedestrian bridge in 1961 and later renamed “Smith Crossing” in 1996, in honour of Robert and Elizabeth Smith and their family—early settlers in the Rabbit Hill area. A part of the old bridge was preserved and is part of an interpretive plaque explaining the Smiths’ contribution to the area, a useful on-site visual tool that ties the old to the new. The replacement of the aging bridge in 2023 marks a significant milestone in Edmonton’s infrastructure evolution. “The Smith Crossing Pedestrian Bridge project is not just about replacing an aging structure; it’s about ensuring continued connectivity and accessibility for our residents,” says Nathan Stelmach, Director of Transportation, Infrastructure and Delivery for the city of Edmonton. “This bridge holds historical significance and serves as a symbol of our commitment to enhancing community infrastructure.” The decision to replace the bridge stemmed from a regular inspection revealing structural deficiencies, prompting the need for a modern, resilient 52 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA



replacement. The new bridge incorporates several engineering and design innovations aimed at enhancing safety, accessibility, and environmental sustainability. “Hydraulic modeling of Whitemud Creek revealed potential flooding risks during large storm events,” says Stelmach. “To address this, the new bridge was elevated and elongated to accommodate high flow, ensuring safer passage for pedestrians and wildlife alike.” Additionally, the bridge features a Methyl Methacrylate surfacing for improved traction and longevity, while its tied arch design seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings, embodying a harmonious coexistence between infrastructure and environment. Despite encountering challenges such as flawed finishings and erosion during construction, the project team implemented innovative solutions to ensure timely completion. “By strategically planning construction activities around seasonal variations and streamlining fabrication and installation processes, we were able to deliver the project ahead of schedule,” says Stelmach. “It’s an example of how we’re building a healthy, vibrant city that provides opportunities for people to access, enjoy and connect to natural spaces.” 55 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


Following the bridge’s opening, community feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with residents embracing the modern structure while cherishing the preservation of elements from the original bridge. “The bridge not only enhances connectivity but also serves as a focal point for community gatherings and celebrations,” says Stelmach, “further enriching the fabric of Edmonton’s cultural landscape.” And in terms of economic impact, the project has generated employment opportunities during construction and is expected to bolster property values and local businesses by enhancing connectivity and accessibility in the area. Looking ahead, the City of Edmonton is committed to integrating the Smith Crossing Pedestrian Bridge into its broader infrastructure network, fostering connectivity, and promoting environmental stewardship. “The bridge’s strategic location aligns with our city’s vision of creating sustainable, accessible spaces that nurture community well-being,” says Stelmach. “As part of ongoing initiatives, we aim to further integrate the bridge into Edmonton’s trail network, facilitating seamless connectivity and enhancing residents’ quality of life.” For more information, please visit 57 MAY 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA