BEC / MAR / 2024

In a groundbreaking development poised to redefine the construction industry, the Siksika Nation of Alberta, a proud nation of over 8000 members located an hour east of Calgary, made an announcement that may revolutionize the construction industry and how we look at housing construction in the province and beyond. The Siksika Nation, which has a rich cultural heritage and a commitment to addressing critical housing challenges faced by its community members, announced its Kakatoosoyiists project, a collaboration between Nidus3D, the University of Calgary School of Architecture and Planning, and Siksika Housing, the launch of the first-ever 3D concrete printed housing project in Alberta. Situated on the historic lands of the Siksika Nation, the “Kakatoosoyiists” project, meaning Star Lodges, is set to be the largest 3D concrete printed housing initiative in Canada to date. This innovative venture represents a significant step towards sustainable, affordable, and innovative housing solutions for the community and beyond. 63 MAR 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA