BEC / MAR / 2024

In the rapidly changing landscape of the home appliances industry, Corbeil has been a constant in Quebec homes for over seven decades. What started as a small local company has evolved, adapted, grown into one of Canada’s most reliable and pioneering home appliance retailers, now celebrating 75 years of business in 2024. With roots tracing back origins as a Quebec family business, Corbeil was founded with a passion for providing top-notch home appliances to the local community. The company’s journey began with a focus on appliances, quickly distinguishing itself as a specialist in the field. As Corbeil grew, it underwent significant ownership transitions, at one point becoming part of the American retail giant, Sears. However, the company has always remained deeply rooted in its Quebecois identity, and today, Corbeil proudly stands as a familyowned business once again, reflecting its commitment to local values and community. Under the leadership of its owner Anthony Amiel, a key milestone in Corbeil’s corporate identity is the transition from a network of franchisees to a fully corporate model—a shift that reflects the Amiel Group strategic 27 MAR 2024 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA