BEC / MAR / 2019

60 BUSINESS ELITE CANADA | MARCH 2019 By Anna Guy O ur business model aligns industry with Indigenous Nations, business and people in a progressive and professional manner, maximizing employment and opportuni- ties for both groups,” says Trent Fequet, President and CEO of Steel River Group, one of Canada’s fastest growingmanage- ment and construction operational- support services companies. Steel River Group was born fromFequet’s decades-long career in construction and project management, and his dedication to reimagining the way corporate Canada and Indigenous Groups work together. Proudly Aboriginal, Fequet’s work within the energy sector gave him insight into existing relationships between Indig- enous groups and the private sector, where he saw first-hand the exploding potential of a good relationship, and the downside of a relationship that lacked either a long-term vision or proper initial planning. “My experience was twofold,” explains Fequet. “First Nations have been very “