BEC / JAN / 2019

186 BUSINESS ELITE CANADA | JANUARY 2019 Maximizing Energy E ciency Starts with Design. The Savings by Design Program is an incredible opportunity to dig deeper into issues of sustainability in a focused and strategic way with your client and consultant teams. The SBDProgram, sponsored by Enbridge and facilitated by Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC), provides incentive funding for projects to engage in an integrated design workshop process with real-time energymodelling. The programallows developers to explore high performance building energy targets as well as other environmental objectives includingwellness, low impact design, water management, andmore. The programaims to build on climate action leadership in the context of the fast-moving regulatory updates and the Province of Ontario’s expectation that buildings achieve net zero by 2030. At Quadrangle, we have used the program for several of our projects and have witnessed the real impacts that result from it. Savings By Design Program