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Dear readers,
In keeping
with this month’s theme of friendly competition and Olympian fortitude, our
February issue highlights businesses fishing for gold medals of their own – looking to ex-
pand their operations, train for long-term growth and not settle for mediocrity. Similar to
prepping for ski jumping, any business venture must look ahead and not behind, keep their
eye on the prize and hope for a smooth landing.
Gracing our
cover story this month, we hold a magnifying glass up to the rich and growing
City of Winnipeg. Having the opportunity to chat with Mayor Sam Katz, about everything
from the direction of Winnipeg’s economy to his personal decision to run for leader of a
city, we highlight Winnipeg’s position on both the national and global ladder. Having inter-
viewed integral organizations that keep the city thriving and focused on immense growth,
it is evident that Winnipeg is undergoing an evolution and making its mark on the atlas.
‘Going Green’
while a seamless concept in a utopian society, doesn’t seem to translate in
today’s gas-guzzling world in which we live. Organizations such as the University of Wa-
terloo’s Institute for Sustainable Energy program, however, can and are changing the way
we perceive complex energy issues. We discuss how the program and its makers deploy
research tactics to educate and inform multiple stakeholders.
In construction
news, we feature Procam Construction, a Quebec-based general contract-
ing firm specializing in commercial and industrial construction, and over in Ontario, North-
way Construction makes headlines working on a new Honda dealership project and offers
its services to Toronto’s high-end automotive market. For the architect buffs, we feature
the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, who represent the profession while celebrating
its diversity.
The technology
industry continues to evolve, changing the way business is conducted.
Nulogy provides software services within the supply chain sector to deliver personal-
ized products more efficiently, while Userful, a leading desktop virtualization software
company, releases its newest product to the market. Also, ECI Technology, a design and
manufacturing company, wishes to bring back PCB manufacturing nationally by providing
multi-faceted technologies at a lower-cost.
Giving Healthcare
its moment in the spotlight, we outline MIP, service providers of tex-
tile and related products to the global market, as well as TeleMedic Inc. who designs and
markets for wireless telemedicine to record patient vital signs.
Presenting a spread
of stories that put to perspective how the mechanics of the working
world operate is always a pleasure. Having you as a reader is equally so.
Mudeeha Yousaf
business elite canada
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