Zamani Homes

“Building for the generation”
By: Mudeeha Yousaf

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The story of an immigrant family coming to a new land and starting a successful business is in line with the Canadian dream and best represented through Zamani Homes, a custom home builder that has been serving Ontario’s high-end niche market for over two decades. A leader in crafting contemporary townhomes with quality finishes, the Zamani family continues to inspire urban landscapes and build affordable homes in exclusive neighbourhoods. Building homes in posh communities such as York Mills, Bayview, the Bridle Path and Forest Hill, Zamani takes luxury craftsmanship to a whole other level.

Mohsen Zamani came to Canada with a vision to mesh old world expertise with modern designs and brought with him his vast experience of building custom homes in Iran to the Greater Toronto Area. Earning an engineering degree from Germany, Mohsen has been in the trade for over 30 years and has worked his aptitude across the European, Middle East and North American markets, and presently stands as one of the largest custom home builders in Toronto. “Purchasers hire us and we build them their dream homes where price is not an object.”

Having built over 150 homes since its inception in 1979, the company has been able to cater to different markets, though faced the challenge of bringing a custom-home touch to a more price-driven consumer-base. “The changes and challenges we had to go through was to reduce the size of our product and the cost that is affordable to the consumer but at the same time keeping the same classic design and high-end finishes,” says Zamani. “Our focus was to give our purchasers the Zamani quality but not at custom-home prices. We wanted to cater to the average Joe.” The builders’ multi-residential business set out to extend their quality service and meticulous level of detail despite the purchaser’s economic class, and individualizing each and every home to fit the resident’s desire.

Zamani Homes has worked extensively on their voluminous projects and guarantees a level of uniqueness that cannot be matched by any other home builder. “When clients come to us and want us to build them a house, we go through an extensive interview process. We host six different interviews to get a feel of how they want the house to look from an interior perspective and how they want the home to flow,” says Zamani. “We’ve had clients that want a rainforest in the middle of their house, clients that want squash courts and escalators, clients that want a custom fish tank that costs quarter of a million dollars, and anything they want we deliver.”

The constructors that previously built Lorraine Park in North York are now continuing the success streak with the Eagle Heights project in Newmarket. Their latest endeavor, consisting of 27 high-end town houses that cater to empty nesters, broke a significant price ceiling and fashions each individual house to match the wishes of the residents. “The homes are smaller because these people are moving from 4-5000 sq. ft. homes into 2000 sq. ft. town houses. We’re giving them quality not quantity.” Also on the agenda is the “Flora” project in Richmond Hill, which will give Zamani Homes a chance to dabble into the high-rise condominium market. The project consisting of 500+ condo units is in the planning process and to be completed in the next couple of years.

Zamani comments on the highly competitive construction industry in the GTA and believes that innovation is the key to success, whether in design, creation or technological novelty. “We were one of the first to install high-velocity furnaces in town houses. Stepping out of your element can reduce the competition and we like to change it up with every project.” The company methodically pays attention to detail and their scope of projects can either fit a more contemporary model or a more classical structure, but in every case no two homes will match each other but follow its own inimitable appeal. “What sets us apart from other sub-divisions is we don’t build run-of-the-mill products. We work individually with the owners.”

Today, the Zamani’s have devoted to focusing on their custom approach that is their mandate, and growing their multi-unit residential business and embarking on even larger projects. “Having families that have trusted us with the biggest investment of their life for three generations is the biggest award.”

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