David Mitchell Co.

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Our Clients Become Our Friends

by Bhavnita Shah

The construction industry is one of the cornerstones of Canada’s economy. It not only provides jobs to many but the huge demand for construction reflects growth in other industries as well. David Mitchell Co. is a great example of how wholesome family businesses can grow into large scale, profitable construction companies in Canada. Located in Vancouver, David Mitchell Co., are unlike many general contractors because they are equipped with their own mill working shop. Having that in-house production is vital to their success because it gives them full control over the quality and cost of their projects. Providing quality goods and services is, of course, vital to the success and growth of David Mitchell Co. The company was established almost 60 years ago by David Mitchell and Rudy Ebner, after David Mitchell passed away Rudy Ebner passed the business on to his son Richard Ebner who is still the President of the organization today. Davood Moradi has been with the company since 2002, he started as a project coordinator and has been instrumental in the company’s growth and success, today, Davood is partners with Richard. The company opened in 1955 doing mostly Tenant improvement projects, such as corporate offices, banks, hotels, fitness center and restaurants in downtown Vancouver but with the help of Davood they have since expanded into different areas such as medical and dental offices, retail stores, high end residential, small commercial.

There are many reasons behind the success David Mitchell Co. has achieved, Davood tells me that “always being up to date and leading edge in terms of technology (has brought them success). I often incorporate apple technology in my projects and use them to improve my productivity. Nowadays, people are gearing towards very high tech offices so we incorporate a lot of innovation in what we do”. Being cutting edge in terms of technology is vital to success in the construction industry (or any industry for that matter). Davood leads by example, teaching us that success in an innovative industry such as construction starts with a CEO who isn’t afraid of taking chances and being a pioneer. The biggest challenge facing David Mitchell Co. is labour shortages “finding someone who can take the job from a-z in a timely and efficient manner is sometimes difficult”. As people veer away from trades, labour shortages are going to become more and more apparent. Regardless of this hurdle David Mitchell Co. has proven that they are able to continue to persevere in their diligent climb to the top.

David Mitchell Co. are a close knit organization who have never forgotten their humble beginnings. Although they have managed to launch themselves into a large and successful company they have always maintained that intimate family business feel. “I’m very proud that most of our clients become our friends at the end of the job, which in this industry is a great achievement. At the end of the job if I don’t have some level of friendship with the client I will feel like I’ve failed. That’s one thing that’s very important for us, that quality is what we pride ourselves on” Davood boasts. David Mitchell Co. has transitioned from a small family business into a large and successful company while maintaining that small family business closeness with clients. Their clients are not seen as a mere ‘file’, ‘number’ or ‘job’ they are seen as friends. Moradi describes customer care as a cornerstone to their success, “I spend a long time catering to (the clients) needs, I’m always accessible even if they call me late at night I’m always there to answer their questions.” he jokes that being so accessible to clients doesn’t always make his wife happy but all jokes aside it’s very obvious that customer care is a top priority at David Mitchell Co. “Quality of service is very important to me, being accessible to clients is one of the reasons of my success” Davood says. His round the clock accessibility shows an enormous amount of dedication to his job. Being accessible to clients is one of the many ways that they ensure value and quality for all clients. David Mitchell Co. has been able to thrive as a company because they have a diverse portfolio and a stellar reputation to match. Much of their business comes from positive referrals and word of mouth. In a company where the partner considers developing a friendship with the client a key to their success I can see why their reputation is so positive. Davood explains that the next step for David Mitchell Co is “to make this company a national company” although they have done work in the Yukon they have yet to become nationally established. Led by a man as dedicated as Davood Moradi, I’m sure the company will continue to flourish.