Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) - Water System Improvements Project

The following is an excerpt on the definition and translation of the nsyilxcn word for water. This definition will help to provide context on why the natural world is so important and the relationality between humans and water itself. The “nsyilxcn word for water; the meaning comes from (siw) and (łkʷ). The (siw) comes from siwst – to drink (human). The (łkʷ) comes from łkʷitkʷ to lap (animal). Together the two parts identify the syilx ethic that the right to water is equal for animals and humans. siwłkʷ is sacred as the sources of all life on the tmxʷulaxʷ” (Marlowe Sam and Jeannette Armstrong). WATER IS OUR LIFE BLOOD 6