Dermapure, a leading name in the field of medical aesthetics, is making waves across Canada with its holistic and patient-centric approach to aesthetic services. The company, formed through a strategic merger with Functionalab Group and FYi Medical Aesthetics, is setting new standards in the industry by prioritizing patient well-being and natural results. Dermapure’s mission, according to Marilyne Gagné, President & Founder, is to nurture self-confidence and provide a responsible, holistic approach to aesthetic services. “Our mission is deeply rooted in the responsible delivery of natural results, all while championing and nurturing self-confidence,” says Gagné. “What truly sets us apart is our holistic, patient-centric approach, which places the individual at the heart of every service we offer.” Marilyne Gagné, President & Founder 3


The company’s unique positioning in the market is evident in its extensive network of premium aesthetic services that stretches across Canada. They are deeply committed, says Gagné, to forming partnerships with reputable physician-led clinics, making them a trusted and industry-leading provider in the aesthetics field. Dermapure’s comprehensive range of premium anti-aging services places a primary focus on rejuvenating facial skin and providing non-surgical body contouring solutions, with services designed to address a wide spectrum of concerns, including improving skin complexion, enhancing skin texture, addressing skin laxity, and restoring lost volume. Cutting-edge technologies like injectables, lasers, radio frequencies, ultrasounds, and more, help patients achieve healthier and more refreshed skin, and each service is tailored to meet the diverse needs of their patients, offering solutions that cater to a wide range of skin concerns. THE MERGER THAT DEFINED DERMAPURE The decision to bring together Dermapure and FYi Medical Aesthetics under a unified umbrella was a pivotal moment in the company’s journey. At Functionalab Group Leadership Team 5

the time of the merger, both companies were of similar size and shared a vision of consolidating the Canadian market. “The decision to bring together companies under Dermapure’s umbrella resulted from impeccable timing and a shared vision,” says Gagné. FYi had a strong presence in the West, while Dermapure focused on the East. “The merger was not just about growth but also about creating a stronger, more cohesive entity,” says Gagné. “Our goal in merging was to provide a higher level of care in our industry that would benefit everyone involved. Working with Functionalab Group Co-CEOs Francis Maheu and Jason McWhirter, we are focused on common objectives that support our new company’s rapid growth strategy.” BUILDING AND RETAINING CLIENTELE Dermapure’s success in a competitive industry lies in its empathetic and patient-centric approach. Gagné emphasizes that active listening and 8

understanding their patients’ unique needs as a key to their success. “We understand that discussing aesthetic concerns can be challenging for patients, so we prioritize active listening and understanding our patients’ needs,” says Gagné. “Our collaboration with each client is the cornerstone of our approach.” The commitment to patients extends beyond the clinic, as they provide at-home skincare protocols to enhance the efficacy of in-clinic treatments. By empowering patients to take control of their skincare journey, Dermapure sets itself apart in the industry. Currently, Dermapure operates over 70 clinics across Canada with 100 doctor partners, with the goal of reaching approximately 100 clinics within Canada. Simultaneously, they are exploring opportunities beyond Canada’s borders, seeking to make their mark on the international stage. Dermapure’s commitment to wellness goes beyond just offering treatments and products. They follow a “Gym for Your Skin” philosophy, emphasizing a holistic approach to skincare. This philosophy encourages patients to actively participate in their skin health. “Just as people commit to physical 9


fitness and healthy eating, Dermapure believes that skincare should be an essential part of one’s wellness journey,” says Gagné. “Our focus is to empower patients to take ownership of their skin’s well-being through education and best practices.” EMPOWERING POSITIVE AGING In the aesthetics industry, there has been a historical focus on targeting young individuals and promoting unrealistic beauty standards. However, Dermapure takes a different approach. Not marketing to youth, for instance, and instead focusing on promoting self-confidence and self-love by providing naturally beautiful results. “We aim to address these fundamental needs and help patients leave our clinics feeling more confident than when they came in,” says Gagné. “We take our responsibility as a market leader seriously and strive to lead the industry in the right direction.” For more information, please visit 11

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