Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council

Starting in 1991 as a regional industry training council, the Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council—Industrial-CommercialInstitutional (NSCSC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to human resource and skills development within the ICI sector of the industry. The NSCSC has gained international attention with its approach to exposing students, newcomers, and anyone and everyone interested in a construction trade or management occupation. Working in partnership with industry organizations, NSCSC directors and staff provide human resource solutions and labour market information to industry partners including federal and provincial departments and agencies, public and private training institutions, associations, organizations, groups, and individual Nova Scotians. “We focus on the part of the sector that constructs anything bigger than a house and not part of a road,” said Trent Soholt, Executive Director/Project Manager. “NSCSC is responsive to both the provincial and federal government in terms of research development, providing industry support, and dissecting labour market information.” 2