Onion Lake Cree Nation

ability to generate wealth for the community, while maintaining a strong image of professionalism and effective management of assets. With its genesis in 1985, the pioneering Northbridge Industries was the first company in the group, which was successful in creating employment for members and provide services for the community. This led to the creation of Onion Lake Enterprises, Makaoo Mall Development, Onion Lake Gas Cooperative and Beretta Pipeline and Construction. In 2004, Northbridge Industries was renamed to Onion Lake Business Development Corporation with the focus to establish new businesses and employment. In the last 10 years, six more companies were developed; Askiy Apoy (Fluid from the Earth) Hauling; All Nations Building Supplies; Onion Lake Wells Servicing; Onion Lake Vacuum & Pressure; Onion Lake SGI; and OL Net Services. Onion Lake Business Development was renamed to Onion Lake Group of Companies Corporation in 2022 to reflect the shift from a non-profit corporation to a Limited partnership/ General Partnership. “In the last year our approach to sustainability has been compiling information with feasibility studies and business plans, to ensure we have the right information for important decision-making initiatives,” says Tom Chief, Chief Executive Officer. “Our strategic priorities are based on self-sustaining opportunities that focus towards organizational, environmental and economic growth for our Nation.” “At OLGCC we manage the businesses of the Nation and provide guidance and recommendations on economic development opportunities for the community, while maintaining our focus on our people and sustainability,” says Chief. OLGCC has created a diverse portfolio of companies, all 100 per cent First Nation owned. “We are very proud that majority are managed by our very own band members,” says Chief. “We 4