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less time and money than ever before.
Drones, UAVs, and 3D scanning are all
tools in LN’s toolbelt to help our cli-
ents save money while providing more
3D Scanning and Rapid Data Collec-
tion are especially important for proj-
ects involving Old facilities or aging
Infrastructure according to Norman,
this equipment helps capture existing
field conditions with great detail and
is used to provide models of exist-
ing conditions, helping with analysis
and pre-engineering in a digital world.
“This is the first step of leading into a
smart virtual BIM world where virtual
reality can be utilized for a site walk-
through while being across the world
or know exact measurements of your
whole facility without having to visit
site. This is the way of the future and
LN is and will continue to lead this in-
dustry,” says Norman.
The counterpart to increased technol-
ogy is an equal commitment to cus-
tomer service, says Norman. Some of
LN’s first customers are still with them
to this day, because making them look
good is the ultimate objective. “No
matter what the case, we will work
with our customers to get the job
done. If they succeed, we all succeed,
so we are available to our customers.
Yes, we have the best technology on
the market, but we also have the ex-
perience to decide where and how to
optimally use it.”
MAY 2018
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