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work stoppage in over 20 years—a
streak protecting the rights and secu-
rities of Ontario's contractors, work-
ers, and clients. He plans on continu-
ing this streak. Nonetheless, his new
vision for the organization is to create
a stronger relationship amongst what
he calls an increasingly diverse mem-
ber and customer base.
The ECAO membership consists of
bona fide electrical contractors in a
contractual relationship with the In-
ternational Brotherhood of Electrical
Workers (IBEW), and there are eleven
local-area Electrical Contractor’s As-
sociations (ECA) affiliated with ECAO,
two sector-specific groups, and nu-
merous industry product and service
“It’s a large landscape,” says Aitken.
“My Number One goal is to build our
community, to build the electrical
contractors, labour partners, and affil-
iated-partners community.”
Traditionally, says Aitken, the two have
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