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most challenging issue to overcome.
“Most oversea markets required ex-
tensive training due to project special-
ization and the fact that most labour
came from marginalized local com-
munities,” says Hamilton. “We had no
access to alternative labour and had
to make use of the local population.
To a large extent, people in these
communities were not used to the
type of civil infrastructure projects we
were doing and therefore had to be
trained onsite. The first year was usu-
ally quite difficult but efficiencies im-
proved consistently and by year two
and three, we had a productive work-
force. We were faced with this so
many times over those 12 years that it
became routine.”
For HCC, resuming business in this
province in 2011 created many paral-
lels to that of African communities.
“In the past few years, particularly in
the north, we have seen multiple ex-
amples of communities with high un-
Arial shot of Nexgen Energy campsite-
Patterson Lake, Saskatchewan
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