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“The fact that we are going to grow
our own business means over 50 new
jobs for community members, which
increases their personal wealth and
prosperity and also provides new rev-
enue for the community,” said Chief
Arren Sock.
By collaborating with communities,
Usand is able to tailor the best, most
appropriate approach at each step,
never using a one-size-fits-all mental-
ity. The only aspect the Usand Group
likes to consistently emphasize is
speed of completion in order to cre-
ate forward momentum for progress.
“We use a multi-phased approach
when looking at community loans, so
that the first financial package creates
a solid foundation and enough reve-
nue to support a second phase of so-
cial and economic projects, creating
a domino effect so that subsequent
projects can get larger and more so-
phisticated,” says Mah.
“The private sector is now lending
money to First Nations, which I think
is absolutely fantastic, while generat-
ing a return for investors,” says Mc-
Coshen, who continues to focus on
breaking down institutional barriers
by creating community capacity and
narrowing the capital gap. “We want
to continue working with alternative
lending methods to get the same level
of financial products in these commu-
nities that corporate Canada enjoys.”
APRIL 2018
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