Groupe Démex-Centrem - page 3

By Anna Guy
reativity and efficiency:
that’s what makes a demo-
lition company successful.
Martin Gagnon is uniquely qualified
to know. As General Manager of one
of Canada’s most experienced de-
molition companies, Groupe Démex-
Centrem, he’s had to stretch the out-
er bounds of both.
In the 25 years since the company
was started by the Tremblay family,
Démex has amassed a roster of proj-
ects that have earned the company
its reputation as the go-to demoli-
tion, deconstruction and recycling
team for the tough jobs, primarily
in the industrial and mining sectors.
With roots in Eastern Canada, Dé-
mex has recently expanded nation-
wide, starting with a large project
dismantling the production process
of an aluminum smelter for Rio Tinto
in Kitimat, British Columbia.
With the team’s vast experience,
Démex specialists work in synergy
throughout each stage of decon-
struction projects. Far from just be-
ing a company that takes things
down, Démex partners with its cli-
ents to build their future success by
APRIL 2018
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