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GT is an incubator for experience, knowledge, and
success—just one of the many ways LGT is impact-
ing the Quebec Engineering community. Soon, it
sets it sights on the rest of the country.
LGT is an award-winning consulting engineering firm special-
ized and dedicated to the building industry whose influence
is felt through the province of Quebec and beyond. Founded
in 1998, LGT’s first foray into the world of critical infrastruc-
ture was with Telus, which is still a very active client for the
company today. What started as a ten-person team, has
grown to more than 90 employees, with significant growth
in the past six years, with offices in the Greater Montreal
area, Quebec City (head office), Rimouski and Sept-Îles.
LGT has distinguished itself amongst its peers through ma-
jor achievements in Data Centers and Critical Infrastructure.
In this booming sector, LGT has experience in electrome-
chanical design (which requires no fault tolerance of the in-
frastructure), and which allows equipment to be maintained
without disrupting operations.
Clients trust LGT for its strong consulting quality services
adapted to their needs in the following areas: structure, civil
engineering, mechanics, electricity, energy efficiency and
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