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the hike, you can take a nice jaunt. You can
do a long bike or a short rest.We made the
travel time very accessible because we are
quite aware [that people need a place they
could go for a long or short time.”
The new Mechanized River Valley Access
will also be a destination spot for people
to come and sit and enjoy lunch, and Ban-
ford also predicts the site will be used as
a spectacular site for wedding and special
occasion photography. The Mechanized
River Valley Access project is one of a wid-
er picture of rehabilitation and growth proj-
ects for Edmonton, which includes a new
Walterdale Bridge, a new LRT line, new li-
braries, recreation facilities, and more. The
City has become very proficient at large-
scale projects—the Mechanized River Val-
ley Project happened with minimal disrup-
tion to the city, and required only two road
closures, both on weekends.
I look at all the projects happening in this
city, and it’s astounding the type of proj-
ects we are doing,” says Banford. “We
are proud to deliver a legacy infrastructure
project to continue our growth.”
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