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works at that time. Many of their studios, offices, and
mixing rooms need to be revamped completely, so the
thinking is that is better and smarter to just design a
building from scratch thinking not only of today’s tech-
nology but looking forward to the next technology.”
This project is similar in that sense to another media
company in need of technological upgrading, the La
Presse building, which Dupras Ledoux also worked on.
“They had to do a total overhaul of their technology,
from mainly a printed paper, to a huge online platform.
They needed a complete new approach, very different
from what they had—so it was a complete revamp of
their facilities into the digital world. Radio-Canada is do-
ing the same thing.”
The new Radio-Canada will be just over half a million
square feet of office and technical space. The building is
to be divided into three different components: there are
the studios and technical rooms, then four-storey and
seven-storey office buildings which will separated by
a 10,000-square-foot atrium, reminiscent of the CBC’s
gh resolution—this brings a
ared for.”—Dupras Ledoux
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