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JUNE 2017
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By Anna Guy
Located in the traditional territory of the
Northern Tutchone, the Selkirk First Nation
is located at the village of Pelly Crossing
on the Klondike Highway in the Central
Yukon. Today, there are 704 members of
the Selkirk First Nation, and that number is
growing every year, with about 40 per cent
of its citizens living in Pelly Crossing.
In July
of 1997, the Selkirk
First Nation signed their Self-Gov-
ernment and Final Agreements, a major
move towards economic self-sufficiency.
Selkirk First Nations have always depend-
ed on the land for survival, and is continu-
ing on that tradition to find new ways to
work with non-Aboriginal businesses in
developing the significant mineral resourc-
es on its traditional territory.
That signing prompted the Selkirk Frist Na-
tions to develop the Selkirk Development
Corporation (SDC) to contribute to the eco-
nomic prosperity of the First Nation. The
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