Red Deer Regional Airport - page 9

JUNE 2017
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Red Deer Regional Airport is committed to
ensuring that operations and practices are
financially viable, prudent and sustainable.
“Airports like ours don’t have the high op-
erating costs and massive infrastructure of
the larger airports, so we are very attractive
to those carriers, and Red Deer itself is in
a prime location to support those airlines,”
says Ingham, who sees Red Deer Airport
as being the first ultra-low cost airport in
the country: safe, efficient, quick, and con-
venient without extra services bundled
into the cost of a flight.
Along with flying in over 17,00 passengers
last year alone, Red Deer Airport brings in
pride and economic activity to the region
communities while providing citizens and
businesses with increased and access to
all markets for their goods and services.
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