Red Deer Regional Airport - page 3

JUNE 2017
business elite canada
type aircraft, but they were limited in the
destinations they could serve due to the
length of the runway. Essentially, they
couldn’t take enough gas to service the
markets the travelling public wanted or
needed to go” says Graham Ingham, CEO
of Red Deer Regional Airport. “With the
extension, we’ve increased the capabili-
ties of those aircrafts and the markets they
are able to serve.”
The extension is the first step in a business
development strategy to position itself as
one of Canada’s top regional airports. The
next steps include a terminal, as well as a
parking lot expansion in order to support the
anticipated growth over the next few years.
With the provincial economy showing signs
of stabilizing more than two years after oil
prices began to fall, and with business out-
put showing signs of improvement.
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