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non-profit organizations, Indigenous en-
trepreneurs and other Indigenous-focused
The company began simply in a home of-
fice as a one-man show focusing only on
web design. For Ward, who by that time
had two small children, the proximity was
the perfect way of balancing career with
family. Eventually, clients needed some-
thing more than a static homepage; they
wanted to update their content, they
wanted to upload a new photo, and lack-
ing coding know-how, they neededWard’s
help to do that. This need set the stage for
Animikii to develop a new content man-
agement system (CMS) product called
“We built this content management sys-
tem so that we can empower our clients
to make content updates themselves,”
Ward said. “This is a piece of Indigenous
technology that we are very proud to have
built.”The program is now the backbone of
hundreds of websites across Canada
“More and more organizations are leveraging technology, in particular social media.
We can provide an extra level of care and attention as an Indigenous technology
company.” Jeff Ward, founder
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