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Companies want access to talent, but it
can be a costly endeavour to recruit em-
ployees—and even then, tricky to know
where to start, particularly with progres-
sive industries such as clean tech. To help
with this process, CICan manages the
Clean Tech Internship program, which con-
nects employers with the skilled graduates
they need to grow their green business.
The program awards eligible employers
addressing climate change or other en-
vironmental challenges up to $15,000 to
hire an intern in a clean tech position.
“We are very happy to have this partner-
ship with the government with respect
to clean tech and hopeful that there will
be others soon that will come our way to
support the business sector in the natural
resource sector,” says Amyot. So far, the
program is a success by any measure and
has helped match over 175 interns with
employers since its launch in 2015. Be-
cause of programs like this, many Canadi-
an companies have become early leaders
in sustainability.
“What is fascinating is in the last two to
three years, European and Australian orga-
nizations have come to see what we are
doing because of our level of job place-
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