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involved in nearly 2,300 language projects,
distributed across 130 countries. Of these,
Wycliffe Canada is actively engaged in 275
projects catered to a remarkable 224 mil-
lion speakers.
"Our vision is a world where translated
scriptures lead to transformed lives among
peoples of all languages,” said Roy Eyre,
Wycliffe Canada’s president since 2011.
Although initially a graphic designer by
tradewith fluency in only a single language,
Eyre joined Wycliffe in 1997. Representing
the organization’s mandate became his
vocation and he did it rather artfully by in-
tertwining the world of design and theol-
ogy, and applying his skills as a designer to
promote the vision of Wycliffe. Like Eyre,
Wycliffe’s staff come from diverse educa-
tional backgrounds and specializations to
fill a variety of roles, from linguists and
translators to social media experts and
software developers.
The organization traces its origins back
to William Cameron Townsend, a Califor-
nia missionary worker, who went to Gua-
...it is all about “taking power from the elites and putting it into the hands of the people.”
MARCH 2016
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