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JULY 2014
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nication among employees and distribution of
natural light, collaboration areas for employees
to work, a wellness center, and even a tread-
mill workstation where people can walk to stay
fit and active whilst working. Flat screens were
also installed throughout the building to facili-
tate messaging to customers and employees,
rather than using bulletin boards and posters.
Lakeside has enjoyed over six decades of
growth, but that is certainly not without its chal-
lenges in the area of hiring skilled labour, espe-
cially with a high standard of excellence and an
extensive hiring process of at least two rounds
of interviews with up to six to eight people at
each stage of the process including manage-
ment, potential colleagues and the President.
The company is certainly doing something right
however to counteract the difficulties involved
in attracting and selecting skilled labour with
an impressively low turnover rate sitting at 5
per cent.
As for Houston’s vision for the next 60 years
of the company—“I’d like to outgrow this new
facility. I’ve got lots of people who are excited
about the prospect of doubling the business in
the next seven years.”
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