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By Cheryl Long
he downturn in the economy, particularly in the com-
modities markets, has impacted a vast number of
Canadian businesses, even those that seem less
likely to be exposed during tumultuous times. Staying on top
of trends and being agile enough to respond to these swings
is helping businesses like ENGCOMP weather the current
Jason Mewis, President of ENGCOMP, has a number of cli-
ents in various commodity sectors and that fact alone has
spurred him to look at the way his company markets its ser-
“Engineering firms are being challenged to sell their services
differently and focus on cost because economies are down
in a lot of sectors,” Mewis said. “Engineering firms need
to rethink their business models. If they sell their services
cheaper, how can they maintain effective business models?”
Mewis founded ENGCOMP in 2004 in Saskatoon, Sask.,
growing the business and taking on employees as the work-
load increased. The company caters to Canada’s heavy indus-
trial market, providing structural, mechanical, electrical and
cost engineering consulting services designed to meet cli-
ents’ needs through innovative solutions. They also provide
specialized services including risk analysis, cost estimating,
planning and computer programming, and are well-versed
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