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with its tenants, the Park also collaborates
with a group of partners that share a sense
of vision, innovation and values in devel-
opment and excellence: Université Laval,
INRS, the City of Quebec and Quebec In-
ternational, the region’s economic devel-
opment agency.
Fostering those partnerships and building
new ones is important to Ms. Quirion. “We
want to create another kind of alliance in-
side the region. We’re very well-organized
for innovation and we want to be sure
that everybody can take advantage of this
force,” she said. “It’s important to benefit
from all opportunities, trying to connect
more and more of those people.”
Opportunity is at the heart of the Park.
Many of its residents launched their com-
panies as start-ups, run by a single person
or a small group of innovators. Ms. Quirion
has seen several of those small businesses
grow to become global entities, helping to
put Quebec “on the map” and attract both
talent and investment to the region. But
that doesn’t mean just anyone is a good
fit for the Park’s environment. Businesses
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