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By Cheryl Long
anada’s first technology park,
founded in Quebec City in 1988,
is a glowing example of innovation
combined with a vision for the future. Its
focus is attracting, supporting, and provid-
ing services to forward-thinking compa-
nies that combine entrepreneurship with
new technologies.The Quebec Metro High
Tech Park is a leader in its field, encourag-
ing initiatives and growth inside the park
community and contributing to the greater
good of the community at large.
The Quebec Metro High Tech Park is now
home to approximately 100 businesses
and 6,000 high qualified workers.
“Companies are looking for plug and play.
They need a business environment that’s
simple,” said Natalie Quirion, the park’s
CEO. “They have their own core business.
What we want is to support them as they
grow within their own core business.”
Ms. Quirion has been part of the Park for
16 years, contributing her entrepreneurial
spirit, business administration background
and experience in strategic planning to the
Park’s success. As President of the North
American Division of IASP (International
Association of Science Parks and Areas of
Innovation), she has both been witness to
and inspired by the huge growth and suc-
cess of technology parks over the years
— a number that has risen
MARCH 2016
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