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deaf translators to make the scriptures ac-
cessible through video.
In addition to translation, Wycliffe strives
to increase mother tongue literacy in de-
veloping nations, which is a worthwhile in-
vestment to say the least. “Learning how
to learn in your heart language will actually
make you more successful at every stage
of your life,” Eyre said.
This learning principle has been cited
by various researchers and observed in
UNESCO mother tongue literacy and
learning programs carried out in Asia, Afri-
ca and South America. The concept is sim-
ple: Children who learn how to read and
write in their native tongue before enter-
ing grade school will grasp the lingua fran-
ca of the educational system much more
quickly. Since they are already familiar with
the process of learning a language, study-
ing a second language simply becomes a
matter of application.
Wycliffe staff are avidly engaged in promot-
ing health as well. In the midst of the 2014
Ebola outbreak, while the CDC deployed
healthcare professionals to West Africa to
treat the afflicted and contain the spread,
Wycliffe staff worked behind the scenes
to promote awareness. Translation efforts
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